Fully Realizing Our Higher Nature Part II

In my practice of Higher Self Matrix Meditation in yesterday’s blog, I had a couple of interesting observation/questions.  I feel the connection to this matrix talked about in the near death experience.  What I struggled with was a few questions

•    How do I keep this connection going throughout my day?
•    What are concrete signs to let me know I am connect to Self as I go through my day?
•    How do I communicate with the Higher Selves of others?
•    How can I encourage others to align with their Higher Selves?
•    What is the universal guiding/god force for the collective being of our Higher Selves?
•    How can my ego let go fully and place myself in a place of complete faith and trust of my Self?
•    How would the world change is everyone tapped into their Higher Selves? 

These questions are very exciting to me.  I will explore them and trust you will join me in that exploration.  My hope has always been that this blog is a vehicle of inspiration and encouragement for all of us who want to wake up more fully to our higher nature.  Even my political writing encourages questioning and going beyond the ego mind.  On a global level the need for awakening is very obvious as so many of the systems of government and commerce are breaking down. 

Change always begins within.  First we become aware that things are not working and suffering is the usual notification process.  Through the gift of suffering we have an opportunity to step back and assess the situation.  If we can do so impartially then are assessment can make us more aware that even at our best, we are limited by our ego-driven personality.  At that moment of insight, for me anyway, I find myself open to finding a greater wisdom source.  That source of egoless knowing is my Higher Self and to connect to this knowing moment-by-moment has the unlimited ability to free me from suffering.  In the now of my alignment with Self I am completely free to be happy, peaceful and loving. 

How do you and I open to this alignment with Self? 
1.    We must be aware enough to know of our higher nature
2.    We must find a way that works for us to align with Self
3.    We must be quiet enough to listen to the guidance of this powerful knowing force
4.    We must develop trust in this knowing guidance of Self
5.    We must be willing to give ourselves fully to our Higher nature

Obviously there is a lot to explore here.  I am completely committed to exploring the full realization of my Higher Self in my daily life.  I will share as I go and I gratefully welcome your insights along the way. 


Peace Letter #43

Dear Mr. President,

They keep on saying “no” to every idea even to ones they have suggested, this must be very frustrating to you the workings of the GOP mind.  The mind when run by the need for power is clouded by ego’s desire.  This kind of thinking is closed and unable to see a larger perspective.  This kind of mind is a great detriment to the nation.

You on the other hand must have an inclusive mind that remains open to all possibilities, which it appears you do.  You keep on trying to reach out to others no matter there political leanings but there really is very few available because they have closed down their thinking.

Opening minds is challenging, I know, I do it for a living.  In essence they have to change the story in their own thoughts.  Your best chance is to share a story that is compelling to all of us and then we will help others embrace the story.  Past themes like the Great Society are models.  We need to return America to greatness as a nation where everybody matters and the global partnerships transform the chaos makers to powerlessness.

Also please do you best to end our participation in war immediately. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact