Happy Valentines Day

This seems to be commercially invented holiday but who cares because it is about love.  Here is a quick summary of what I have learned about love over my lifetime:

  • Love is our capacity to have compassion, caring and kindness towards others and ourselves
  • Love is the opposite of fear, love is being open and expansive, fear is being closed and constricted
  • Love is our most natural state
  • Love is a likely occurrence of being in the present.
  • Love comes in many forms, romantic, familiar, spiritual, conditional, unconditional, love for all, universal love, love of ideas, compassion, acts of caring and kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, loving-kindness etc.
  • There is no limit to our capacity to love
  • Love is the answer to all human problems
  • Make Love Not War is better stated as “Express Love Not War”
  • Love of self allows us to love others
  • In loving others sometimes we open our hearts to self
  • Love is the expression of the Divine with in us
  • Our highest human capacity is love
  • Our Higher Self is the source of love
  • The heart is the center of love in the body
  • Loving people are valued by all
  • The loving heart can be trusted much more than the rationalizing mind
  • The way to resolve all the world’s problems in through the human heart
  • Love is about sharing ourself with another
  • Love does not cause suffering , it is our expectations that do
  • Looking for love of self through others misses the point
  • Self-love begins inside and spreads outward
  • Love lifts us up to our divine nature
  • Love is joy

Today and every day I send love to Bobbi, my Dad, Joan, Jim, John, Kathleen, Ed, Sharon, their familes past and present, especially Jan, my friends at work and from my life including Bill, Chris, Joe, Lee, Danny, Gerry, Holli, Heidi, Miriam and little Ronya and the rest of the crew at the ARC, my blog readers especailly Mike, Pax my dog, all other friends and all beings on the planet.  All of you are in my heart.  May we all be filled with the light of consciousness and live in love, joy, abundance and peace.

Also I send love and peace to the President and his family instead of a letter today.