President’s Day, Peace Letter#45

It's President’s Day so I thought I would focus my blog today on another Peace Letter to President Obama.  This is a day set aside to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln two great leaders at critical times in our history as a nation.

Dear President Obama,

Happy President’s Day to you!  Like President’s Washington and Lincoln, you too have been handed the task of the presidency at a critical time in our history.  You too have the skills and intelligence to alter the direction of this nation.  The courage and focus your job entails is beyond what most of us can even imagine. 

Many of us have hope that real progress can be made on the following issues:

  • The de-escalation and end of the wars we are in as soon as possible
  • Real healthcare reform that includes a public option
  • Significant reduction of the corporate/money influence in Washington DC
  • Protect and improve our environmental
  • Repair the quagmire of small mindedness in Washington DC
  • Get people back to work
  • Return to government by the people and for the people

Day-by-day your efforts will make a difference and we will again find positive reasons to have hope.

Thank you for doing the best you can,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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