Three Years Of Blogging Here, Thanks For Sharing The Journey

Another exciting milestone for the Explore Life Journal and reason to celebrate!!!  It has been three years this week since I started this blog.  My dedication to writing about exploring life has been strong and inspired.  I feel grateful for this outlet to write and hopefully make a positive difference for all who read these pages.  You the reader are a blessing to me.  Thank you very much for sharing my journey.  

Now I go forward with the intention of turning this blog into also a success as far as bringing in income and expanding my traffic.  I have signed up for some help to do that and I look forward to the improvements.   I will share more about that as I learn.

Your feedback and comments as I take this to the next level will be appreciated.   My technical skills are minimal but the inspiration always seems to be within my fingertips.  

I have a mixture of things to share today.  One is that I change the words at the top of my blog as I was doing an assignment for a Better Blog in 31 Days through These words now more fully capture the focus of this blog:

A personal journey in ever changing times: Finding peace, passion and purpose while exploring consciousness, compassion and connection.

Next, I wanted to share with you one of my paintings which is a color exploration.  This painting is uplifting to me.  It resides in the office where I do most of my writing.  

My letter to my nephew below on the day after he became a father got to him via my sister and he sent a very positive response.  I love him and this letter came directly from a higher source of inspiration in me.  It feels great to know the message was received with an open heart.

I have been off for four days, my cold seems better, my work is changing and somewhat frustrating and I look forward to Spring as it has been very cold around here.  Have a good rest of the week and I will be back tomorrow.