The Mind Works Better In Positive Anticipation

Yesterday at work was better as I sat through meetings and set up my schedule for the week.  My cold is still very tiring.  This adjustment to my new surroundings when not feeling my best is more struggle than I had anticipated but I am also appreciative of the new opportunity.  Have you ever struggled with something and shortly there after wondered what was that all about?  I'm thinking that will be the case here.  If I am struggling I often remind myself that six months from now this will seem silly or maybe it is simply time to let go of some rigidity in my thoughts.

My appreciation for having a job and for working with people I can make a difference with is worth focusing on.  My peers in the Outpatient Program are excellent and very supportive.  It seems my mind works so much better if I focus on what is possible rather than what is being lost.  I suspect the same is true for you too? 

The mind works best in positive anticipation.  As I have written often, a mind stuck in complaining is going nowhere except in the toilet.  Sorry for the potty language but your mind can shape your experience of life either as rosy or crappy.  The choice is yours. 
Also because the economic situation seems more and more dire in human services, I decided it was time to explore other options to bolster my financial future.  Since my blog and my social activism for peace are my passions, I thought why not figure out how to better provide for my family and myself (more cookies for my dog, more financial freedom for my wife and me) through these two avenues of great interest. 

You will see the Explore Life Journal in a more active mode in structure over the next 6 months as I expand in what I have to offer.  My goal is to provide more products and get more readership while having the quality of my writing remain intact.  Your feedback along the way will be greatly appreciated. 
I have signed up for a new blog success site called the Third Tribe Marketing.  If you blog this site is well worth exploring.  I am looking at ways to monetize my site and what works best is ever changing.  The Third Tribe people will be very helpful.  Going for a higher expression of myself will encourage the best in me and I look forward to the journey. 
That is enough information about what is up for me.  How about those Olympics?  Can you imagine the kind of training, focus and self-discipline it takes to be as good as these athletes are?  Think if you put that kind of heart, commitment and passion into your life, how much success you would create.  I could be an Olympic Blogger, a Nobel Prize Peace Advocate, or the most compassionate listener ever.  What do you want to be? 

Peace Letter #46

Dear President Obama,

There is no better time to move into strong and courageous action than now.  It seems like some in Washington DC have grown to dislike the game.  They are leaving at a time it takes more courage to stay.  The game is rough there and frankly you have to play with the will power of an Olympian.  You have the will of many people in this nation behind you now but as you can see there is growing discontent. 

Please work to immediately make our nation stronger by doing everything you can to fix what is broken in DC.  There are very few members of the Senate or Congress interested in anything more than the needs of their egos.  Our elected officials must be shown to be bigger than the petty agendas running them.  Be the light, inspiration and leadership they need and end the drain of war, extricate influence money, have a public option for real healthcare reform and protect our planet for the future.

The time is now and we want you to be strong and clear in your direction. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: