Downloading Higher Consciousness

My mind seems to be on fire lately with thoughts about so many things so I need to find some more quiet space.  I talked to my wife and her mind has also been sending her for loops.  It seems the mind airways are jam packed with ideas yet you and I must remember that our thoughts are just thoughts and have little or no basis in reality.  The best thing to keep in mind is to question all of we are thinking.  

Since I wrote about the Higher Self Matrix last week I have some more questions and things I want to explore.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just download the collective wisdom of humanity to help us with our struggles and our goals?

I have been wondering what Creative Source is beyond the unity of all human consciousness.  Is there a guiding or originating force that not only looks after us humans on our little dot of a planet but also tends to this universe and beyond?  These questions may not be answered anytime soon but they seem important to at least wonder about in the name of expanded consciousness. 

Downloading the wisdom of the Higher Self Realm doesn’t seem overly complicated but would include taking several important steps:
o    You must to be able to quiet down you mind
o    You must have an openness in mind and heart
o    You must be able to come into the present fully
o    You will do best if you believe in a greater guiding force than yourself
o    You must be able to appreciate what flows through you as you expand your ability

In addition to the exploration of the Higher Self Matrix Meditation you can also explore this Higher Consciousness Downloading exercise:

As always in these kinds of exercises, you must first be able to quiet yourself to the point of near silence.  From your waiting in the moment you become receptive to the uniqueness of what arises within you.

Drop expectation of what should be and instead be receptive to what is. 

Set an intention to become an ever-expanding source of the highest consciousness available to humankind. Open yourself through your breath to sense, feel, hear and see what is becoming present in you. 

Then imagine that this knowing fills you with the highest understanding, with perfect health and with an attractive force for the kinds of prosperity you desire. 

Then trust the flow and let yourself absorb even more of what has been made available to you.  You will receive in the abundance that which you are able to welcome in. 

Stay in this expanded and receptive state as long as you are comfortable.  When your time is ending, see yourself disconnecting and just rest for awhile.

Then when you are ready go out into the world and let you light shine and the rest of us will be uplifted.  Please share what you learn as you go with these exercises and I will do the same.  Enjoy your weekend.

Peace Letter #48

Dear President Obama,

Stepping boldly now with a willingness to take risks sets those on the other side of the isle off balance.  Egos struggle when they feel out of control.  Keep expanding your action initiatives toward a better America and soon the ego’s of resistance will be in total disarray.  The bigger and better your agenda for change the more defused the resistance becomes.

Please make ending war one of your top action plans for the good of the nation and as a model for the future of the planet. 

Peace and powerfully inspired action to you

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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