Tell Congress “People Matter More Than Profits” in Healthcare

I am still battling a cold and when I talked to the herbalist and Pharmaca she said people have been coming in a saying that they can’t seem to get past their colds.  Hopefully the Chinese herbs I am using will make a difference.  I have tried all the alternative remedies I can find.  My health is usually excellent and this has been frustrating.  

Speaking of health, it seems the debate about a Public Option has come up again in Congress.  This seems an essential piece of any real reform.  The insurance industry is so arrogant that they are reporting huge profits as they cut more people from their coverage right in the face of us Americans.  It is like they are saying, “We will do what we want and you can’t do anything about it.”  This just supports those who view of the heartless nature of profit-making as a major societal problem.  This debate is not about how to give Americans the best possible healthcare, it is about how do we insure the continued expansion of wealth for the major share holders of these corporations while not pissing off the people.  Seems like a messed up agenda, doesn’t it?

There appears to be a huge disconnect from what is the right and compassionate path in the healthcare discussion.  Discussion is a much better word than debate actually since there is no real debate.  In reality there is the healthcare/medical/drug corporations telling Congress what they want and Congress doing what they are toldIs that all right with you?

This battle between the people’s needs and corporation’s profit margins are causing most of the problems in this country and the world.  In healthcare it seems clear that the corporate interests and those that dislike government are presently winning this battle.  How long will we the people be willing to let this go on?  

Those who only care about making more money are putting our health and that of our families at risk.  Yes it is true that this “profits over the people” has been a skewed set of priorities for a long time but is it really ok in any way?

Major changes are so needed now.  It is up to us to be the leaders in this reclaiming of our government from the corporate interests.  The people in every way matter much more than the margins of profits for corporations.  Please take a stand for the people in healthcare and this will be a cornerstone for building a much stronger America.   

Peace Letter #49

Dear President Obama,

Yes the Public Options is essential.  Yes ending our war making is essential.  Yes protecting our environment is essential.  Yes a better education system is essential.  Yes more good paying jobs is essential.  Yes more compassion at every level is essential.  Yes to the return of government for the people.

Please say no to profit making over the needs of the people, no to money influence in Congress, no to the military that is mind locked on controlling others at any cost, no to more prisons, no to more compromise at a severe loss to the people’s needs, no to your advisors who consider fear as way to guide policy, no to more cuts for mental health and addiction programs.

Things are not right, people are growing more angry at Washington DC and strong, impartial, action oriented leadership is needed now and you are the best bet we have had in years.

You can make a huge difference but you are going to have to really stir things up to do so.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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