Put Your Faith In Your Spirit Not The Beliefs Of Others

This runny nose and cough are hard to shake.  I am tired of being so snotty.  I was looking over at my Facebook page and seeing other friends were going through the same cold symptoms that stay around for a few weeks.  The alternative interventions I have tried have done very little.  This must be some kind of mutant strand that time and rest is the best hope. 

Looking at some of Tiger Woods’ comments about being raised with the influence of Thai Buddhism, I was thinking that often people who get in trouble for their behavior site their faith as the path of their recovery.  That makes sense because we must go with what we know when we find ourselves confused about life.

I have studied Buddhism extensively and find it unlike any other religion because it does not have a God, which is very refreshing to me.  The image of God has been so trashed by those who claim male dominance, blind faith, going to war for God, guided to act like an idiot in the name of God etc.  It makes me hesitant to even use the name of God. 

There is no doubt a more powerful force out there than you and I.  What that force is I do not claim to know and frankly doubt anyone who does claim to have a direct relationship.  I have my ideas and am much more interested in exploring my own higher nature rather than someone else’s religious beliefs.  Beliefs are just thoughts we give meaning to and they have little or not basis in reality except.  Every belief from my viewpoint needs to be examined and re-examined as an ongoing part of the process of maturing and awakening to who we are.  

To have faith means for me to search for the truth and trust my inner guidance, the quiet wisdom of heart and intuition.  My faith does not involve listening to someone preaching from a book about their own beliefs.  That would be their beliefs/thoughts not mine. Religion has no purpose for me; spirituality deeply enriches my life.  

The greatest wisdom is contained not in words or beliefs systems but in the quiet knowing of our heart and spirit.  Enjoy you day and be open to inspiration.