The Human Potential Is On Display At The Olympics

I enjoy watching the Olympics because it reminds me of how amazing the human potential is.  People learn to fly through the air on skis like ski jumping where they fall over 200 feet or the freestyle where they launch up 4 stories and do all these spins and twists.  Wow those athletes have learned to do amazing things which most of us would not even dream of doing.

These athletes have trained to move with incredible beauty and grace, with blazing speed, for long distances or sit on a tiny sled and go over 90 miles an hour down an ice tube.  These incredible feats take such dedication, skill and focus.  It sometimes seems we human beings could do just about anything if we put our minds to it. 
If you look at what the athletes can do today compared to what they did in earlier Olympics it would show that the human potential seems to expand with the power of intention.  Fly higher, jump further, skate faster, do more flips and twirls, it all seems to stretch those who compete.  The physical body seems to have limits but maybe some if not most of those limits are self-imposed.  The focused mind energized by emotions can make us do more than many would think is possible.  Thank you Olympics for the reminder that we can do and be more.

If you could be a Summer or Winter Olympian what would it be?  If you could win a gold metal for doing something with great purpose and success what would it be? 

Enjoy the rest of the events and take a minute or more to visualize yourself on the medal stand bending over and winning a medal for being the best at what matters most to you.


Peace Letter #54

Dear President Obama,

The Healthcare Summit was a great idea.  It is too bad so many are under the influence of the healthcare dollars.  They simply can’t see straight when intoxicated by those that finance their staying in power. 

As you can see there is great vested interest in keeping things the same from healthcare to being at war.  This has to change; fresh not influenced viewpoints are badly needed to move this country forward.  How about a panel of citizens involved in Public Health, Medicine, Alternative Therapies, and Innovation to propose substantial reform in healthcare?  How about a panel of Social Activist, Economists, Spiritual Leaders, Mediators and Communications Experts to deal with ending our fascination with war? 

Change is so needed and it must be forceful and courageous.  

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: