Wake Up Men: Time To Find Our Hearts And Our Higher Nature

There are a number of issues in the world of politics I feel the need to rant about today.  I have been focused else where here at my blog because expanding consciousness and compassion seem like the best way to make a difference.  I think you will agree with me that there are some things going on that are really not acceptable anymore and it has to do with us men primarily.

First the healthcare summit made the GOP look like a crying bunch of big egos that insist we continue to hate government and just trust them and their corporate buddies.   They do not offer a single idea that would benefit the people more then the healthcare, drug and medical corporations that pay them millions and millions to stay in office.  The clear blatant truth of self-interests is so apparent that it shocks me that people with well functioning brains cannot see what is going on here. 

The Democrats in DC are not much better.  We the people are being sold out to the profits machines.   A single payer system seems more and more like a good idea because we cannot trust our elected officials or their funding sources to represent our needs.

Senator Bunning decided that getting his way was more important than extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.  The ego mind is a powerful force.  Thank you Senator for showing us how delusional and self-important the ego mind can makes us and cause total blindness to what is the right and compassionate action to take. 

Bank Of America CEO Ken Lewis left his position at the end of 2009 with a stocks and benefits package of $83,000,000 after the company had extensive problems.  I guess his leadership had nothing to do with the banks problems?  Maybe giving him that amount of money seems fair to someone but certainly not the stockholders or customers of that company or US taxpayers who had to help bail him out. 

James Dobson had his last broadcast on his Focus On The Family Radio show.  Thank God!  He speaks as if he is the right hand man of some God, which he has made up in his own head and people actually believe the nonsense he spreads.   Sadly another ego-mind filled with righteousness and condemnation and lacking true compassion and higher consciousness.

Arizona Republican Congressman Trent Franks said African Americans were better off under slavery.  He made up some kind of ego driven nonsense due to his anti-choice point of view about abortions.   How does a person like this get elected?  How come we are willing to elect someone who is this blinded by his own closed mind?

Why does anyone listen to Glenn Beck, Rush or Fox News other than to feed their egos?

Last of my rants today this may be the one that has the most charge for me.  I was listening to the BBC on NPR about the Congo and about 6 women who had been raped as part of the political unrest going on there.  When will we men stop raping and abusing women?  Every war we start ends up filled with women being raped; every time there is unrest the women take the brunt of the male need to dominate. 

Men dominate all major religions and most have women in a secondary role.  The Right Slanted religious movements of Christians, Mormons, Muslims, and Catholics all have women as subservient even today.  This lesser role leads women to be abused. 

Come on men join the 21st Century and see through your closed minds and cold hearts.   


Peace Letter #55

Dear President Obama,

It is time to focus on this country and the needs of the people.  No more draining us for war making.  What about: those who are hungry; those who are homeless or losing their homes; those who have suffered incredible abuse; those who are addicted because of this abuse; those with mental illness; those who can’t find decent work for decent pay; those who want a better education; those who are sick but have no or not enough coverage to get well; and so many others that lose out because of need to control others through war.

We need real healthcare reform with a public option or single payer system and we need to stop killing others through our foreign policy that is dominated by going to war. 

That is why you were elected because all the millions of us who voted for you did so for one reason.  We want real change. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact