In Search Of A More Expanded Point Of View

I don’t know about you my readers but I find myself stirred up about so many things lately.  With all this mental activity I need to also take my time each day to quiet down and be present.  In the moment, the chaos drops away and I find peace and touch in with my heart and the happiness inside.  The question most on my mind lately is how can each of us bring our peace, compassion and happiness we find within the now, out into the world? 

The world of politics, religion, society, corporate dominance, and war mongering all seem based on the future or the past with no acquaintance with peace, compassion and happiness available in the now.  This lack of present awareness makes the world act chaotic, fearful and angry.  So how do we bring about the consciousness of what is possible in the now into the arena of society’s struggles?

Let’s first shine some light on five culprits of chaos:
1.    Ego-mind – The human ego is the cause of most if not all of human suffering.  The ego-mind can rationalize the most horrific of ideas in order to be in control and in power, to be right and to look good. 
2.    Religiosity – In the name of God there has been endless wars and mistreatment of others.  God has no religion.
3.    Partisan Politics – The Republican Party only cares about being in power, the Democrats try to represent a large diversity and seem unable to work together, and both parties are run by corporate influence instead of what is best for the people.
4.    Profit Seeking At Any Cost – this is the driving force for all corporations with little or no consideration for the planet, the people and future generations.  Greed and hunger for power is making a mess out of so much.
5.    The Use Of Fear To Manipulate – Fear has always been used by the political process and society to get people to fall in line and do what they are told.  Fear is used to rationalize war, to kill healthcare reform, to spend our financial resources on weapons, and so many other major wrong directions in policy.

These culprits are all products of not being present to the real peace, compassion and happiness within us.

What are some more expanded ways of seeing ourselves, and the world that will place us more often in the now where we can seek to find real solutions untainted by the past thinking and the future worries? 

Let’s open our minds and hearts to five solutions for sanity:
1.    Wise Mind – Beyond the self of ego is the Self of our higher nature.  This Self is waiting to guide us if we quiet down and are present enough to listen.  The planet needs wise mind not more egos in power.
2.    Spirituality – The Source of all creation is found in the quiet practice of contemplation with an open heart and a receptive mind.  No church or dogma or scripture is needed.
3.     Healthy Political Process – Today what is needed is the elimination of influence money at all levels, real leaders of compassion and wisdom in office, well managed government is necessary, and what is best for all the people has to be the primary concern.
4.    Taking Care Of The People And The Earth – Clean water and air, healthy food, adequate housing, and dynamic education will take care of most of the needs of people and the planet.  We have within us unlimited capacities to create what is needed for the good of all.
5.    Hope And Understanding – The world becomes a safe place when we have hope and seek to understand each other.  Together we all share very similar dreams and desires for a better world for ourselves and those we love.

Please share what culprits and solutions are in your expanding mind.  Within our hearts is an endless capacity for compassion and that compassion is so essential today.

Peace Letter #38

Dear Mr. President,

We need your compassion as a guiding force.  The world is run by the hunger for profits and power with little thought or wisdom about the real needs of most of us.  You have the compassion from working in your earlier years with those in need.  That wisdom and heart is so necessary today. 

Your compassion is needed to end our warring ways, to find the common ground of what is best for all the people, to end the bickering and focus instead on solutions for the many concerns of the working masses.  This is a nation not built on fear but on the right attitude of freedom to fully express our potential in a supportive environment of good government.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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