Entertainment And Distraction Is Not The Answer

Super Bowl Sunday is such a media event about something that really doesn’t matter in human history or the evolution of consciousness (although the game was fun to watch).  This game and so many other hyped events are interesting but are only really about entertainment and distraction.  Being entertained is part of living in our culture.  Many of us spend lots of money to be entertained.  We also buy the best entertainment equipment as if this is going to make us happy or satisfied with life.  This pursuit of happiness and satisfaction by filling our time with entertainment or buying the right things is looking in the wrong places for what most of us ultimately want.  

Yes home entertainment centers can be a great distraction but it is doubtful anyone has ever found real or lasting happiness from a wide screen TV or a great stereo system.  Going to concerts, movies, plays, opera, symphony, lectures etc. can be enjoyable but most likely these events haven’t really made us truly happy either.

Happiness is an inside experience not an outside event.   If happiness is what we want, we must turn off the distractions of the outside world and instead tune in to who we are, what we think, what gives us meaning, and the workings of our heart.  Looking elsewhere will leave us missing the deeper experiences of real happiness, peace of mind and a life with love.

Distraction is what most of us are good at.  When work isn’t going well or our relationships are not satisfying, we go in search of distractions like: drinking, drugging and partying, making sports matter, 4 wheeling, church, having affairs, eating and other activities so we don’t have to pay attention to the emptiness inside.  

The interesting thing about this distraction mania is that the emptiness inside is more because of the distractions themselves than anything else.  There is nothing boring about tuning inside to find out about our higher nature; making contact with our spiritual Self.  This investigation into who we are is fascinating if we are at all interested in what is possible within us.

Yes go have fun and be entertained but make a commitment to self to spend some quiet time each day.  This silent exploration can be in the form of meditation, mindful practice, a relaxed walk, a radio/music free drive to work or home or any other time set aside to be open to the awareness and inspiration of just being.  
Even my dog Pax knows the benefit of quiet contemplation.  He is a great teacher about being present and enjoying the peace and happiness of the moment.


Have a good second week of February and be still enough to discover the depth of life awaiting you.  

Peace Letter #39

Dear Mr. President,

It must be fun to watch the Super Bowl in the White House with friends.  Taking a break from the reality of the work of your Presidency is so needed.  It was good to have the Saints win, maybe there is something higher going on.

I wanted to encourage you to again revisit the decision to expand the war in Afghanistan.  This is a huge drain on us financially and emotionally.  We all know and feel that war is not good.  Please do what is right and get us out of there as soon as possible.

You can alter the course of humanity by stopping the use of war as the way to resolve differencies.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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