Set Intentions, Seek Awareness, Live With Purpose

Yesterday’s blog was also a clear reminder to myself about the importance of my work for peace.  I sometimes get caught in the drama of making a living and need to remind myself of my higher purpose.  Yes my job includes helping others find peace within and this is purposeful work.  Yet there is great resistance from most of those I work with in my new job.  They are angry, resentful, and often have no experience of what peace of mind or happiness is even about.  Working for peace begins in being patient with even the most troubled of clients.  

Each day while wading through the paper work and unmotivated clients, I need to still set my intention to spread peace, compassion and consciousness in all that I do.  I need to remind myself that even though this work is not what I had intended, there is something about why I am here that will be a gift to me and to those I have the opportunity to serve.  

Fully showing up to what is, that is the task in front of me, then listening to the higher guidance so that I can be shown what to do and how to do it better.  Linking in with my Higher Self is my intention for 2010 and the work place challenges are a perfect opportunity because I frankly need lots of guidance to keep my own peace while inviting others to come along for the journey of self-exploration.  

What further insights and awareness will I gain from being present to what is?  How will my consciousness expand by doing the work of this work personally and professional?  What experiences will lift me up to new levels of self-realization?

Along the way I must feel what I feel and be willing to acknowledge and be respectful of my emotional states.  If I do not then I cannot be at peace within.  So feel what is going on and then set the intentions and live in the now, not the swamp of disappointment and self-judging.    

My peace work is everyday both within and out in the relationships I build.  When I come from my heart and share my awareness even the most resistant can’t help but feel the truth within themselves of the importance of finding their way to peace.

Peace Letter #61

Dear President Obama,

Guide us to find our way to peace so that we can work together for the compassionate well-being of all of us.  Let’s put all of our resources toward helping each other and no resources toward war.  We can do so much more to help other nations if we come from a compassionate heart.   

Kindness is a much more powerful tool to transform others than any weapon.  

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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