My Purpose Is About Peace, Would You Join Me?

As you may have noticed I have been writing our President about moving our nation toward peace for over two months now and still we don’t have peace.  I am outraged, just kidding but if I was taking this personally then my ego would certainly be out of control (which would be a sign that I have no peace within).  If the President himself actually has read any of these letters it would be amazing.  He certainly has a difficult job and he has little time to read emails from some guy in Colorado who is obsessed about peace. 

Peace is an obsession of mine and I am proud of it because frankly that is what we all want at some level.  We want peace of mind and peace with others.  Peace is the natural state of those who can find their way into the moment and actually reside there for at least brief periods of time.   Peace comes only to those with open hearts and open minds.  Closed hearts can’t feel peace and closed minds can’t imagine it. 

Peace begins inside and can spread out into the world.  Peace is only possible if we become more conscious human being.  The present paradigm is about war and control so we need to raise our consciousness to the level where peace and compassion are part of the new paradigm

I have a peace t-shirt company as you can see by the bright colored ad here at my blog.  I offer a free guide to inner peace, which you can download here.  I teach my clients how to find their way to inner peace.  I write about peace here often at my blog. I try to be at peace at least part of my day.  When I go to sleep at night I hope to sleep peacefully.   I often go for a walk to find the place of peace inside of me.

Is peace important to you?  Do you think it is possible?  What are you doing to find your own peace?  Can peace be created by making war, trying to control others, or by having the biggest military?  Yes I know there are not nice people out there but do we have to spend billions for weapons systems that would kill us all off hundreds of times over in pursuit of trying to eliminate our fears?

I would love it if you would join me and go to the link below and tell President Obama that war is the old way and we want the kind of real change that would bring about peace. 

We do not need to be in Afgahnistan other than to provide aid and it is time we got out of the war that never should have been in Iraq.  This insanity will happen as long as we the people allow it to. 

In peace we could afford all that we need for healthcare, better education, employment programs, and to work for a healthier, happier humanity. 

Please join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war at: