The Evolution Revolution

There is so much written these days and much of it is just opinion but people get outraged over the thoughts of others.  If you ever read comments by people you realize a couple of things.  One is that there are a lot of angry people out there.  Two is that many people need to get a life and purpose that involves doing more than blaming the government and others for the problems of this nation.  Three is that the time has come for us all to put aside our differences and instead go in search of mutual solutions. 
The barriers of anger, blaming and differing view points are all about the human ego which has a major need to: be in control, avoid responsibility, and be righteous to the point of blind faith in one's own thoughts.  The real revolution for change in this country needs to happen inside as the ego-based structures around us are already destroying themselves on their own (i.e., financial structures collapsing, war making breaking our government, environmental degradation and corporate greed,).  See this article about the need for a revolution at a political/governmental level. 
The revolution starts with the realization that we too often believe our own thoughts, which means the ego-mind is in charge and it is run by fear, driven by the need to be in control, and always greedy in its self-centered ways.  The owning of our emotional states is another challenge we need to take up because we too often blame others and circumstances for how we feel.   We feel what we feel because of our thoughts in response to circumstances. 

A healthy human revolution will take place when we become mindful of our thoughts and take responsibility for our feelings and behaviors.  A deepening of our connection to our higher nature is the best path to the fullest realization of our potential to resolve the human issues that are for now getting in the way of real progress.  
Being in the world in a way that serves everyone is to be awake, mindful, compassionate, with equanimity and in search of mutually beneficial solutions.  Let’s make this a journey of conscious evolution/revolution where all humanity rises up to care for each other and the planet.  Would you join me on this journey? 

I have created a group over on Facebook called Progressive Hearts and Minds.  It is in the very early stages and I am open to the wisdom of all who join in. 

Peace Letter #60

Dear President Obama,

You could join us all who want to consciously evolve this nation past all the differences of ego called points of view and the need to be in control.  Bring together the best mind, hearts and souls and together we can find some common ground.

Peace is the way, compassion is the path, spirit is the guiding force within each of us. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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