Old, Past, Narrow Thinking Is Not Working

It seems we, our nation, and very possibly the world are stuck between the ways of the past and the need for new and more evolved ideas.  Many love the past and seem to only value the way things were.  Others recognize that neither the past nor our best ideas now seem to be working.  It seems time for a higher level of consciousness to arise in all of us so we can leave the narrow views and the old ways behind for the benefit of all of us.

The following is a list of old ideas and beliefs that seem in need of updating:

•    That war is a viable way to deal with problems between nations and radical groups
•    That religious beliefs in controlling others is the name of God has nothing to do with God but is all about male ego   
•    That men have the right to dominate women
•    That the game of politics is working when in fact it is clearly badly damaged and in need of drastically revisions
•    That buying influence is hurting everyone but the few that can afford to.
•    That healthcare for profit is flawed at many levels especially for those who may loose their homes, financial future and everything else if they get very sick
•    That we should trust people who spread hate and judgment towards others
•    That those who blame and complain are respected even if they offer no credible solutions
•    That the status quo is ok and we shouldn’t mess with it
•    That unregulated commerce is a good idea after the mess left by the last president
•    That privatizing government function is a good idea
•    That test scores are the best indicator of the quality of education
•    That a huge defense budget is necessary in modern time
•    That to live in fear of a few small band of radicals is ok and shapes so much of our national policy
•    That those in the military are heroes and that glorifying war makes it ok
•    That less taxation is better than balancing a budget
•    That churches dominated by elderly white males should be trusted
•    That government is bad when there is not other humane and compassionate alternative  
•    That corporations have rights like individual citizens
•    That “might makes it right”, the big stick foreign policy is so in need of new ideas
•    That the Bible is anything more than an old text written by men who were definitely not God
•    That the talking heads of political opinion have anything worth listening to
•    That following others or ideas with blind faith is a good idea
•    That anger is some kind of higher value than peace
•    That the human ego is an acceptable driving force for many of our social, financial, governmental, and corporate institutions

Yes there is so much to question.  No the past is not better nor are the old and narrow ideas.  It is time for us all to step out of our comfort zones of ego-mind and go in search of higher knowing. 

Peace Letter #59

Dear President Obama,

Isn’t it time we grow up and move beyond war?  Isn’t it time we no longer let fear dominate our policies?  Isn’t it time to use government to bring about real changes for the best of all?

It seems the nation is in a battle between old ways and their influence money and new ways, which we must explore to evolve democracy.  You have been elected to be an agent for change and we need you to do so.  What makes most sense is boldness from the start.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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