World Tremors Reflect The Disruption We All Feel

As I read through my post from yesterday I have a couple of responses.  The first is that because of all the shifting going on in my work and with this bad cold, I have been struggling with staying present.  It is not easy to stay present when things are up in the air, when the unknown is more forefront than the familiar.  When health is compromised, it become harder to think clearly and emotions seem to destabilize. 

This is a time of upset for many.  The world seems to be literally shaking as we experience our own internal tremors.  There is anger rising and more intolerance of differing ideas.  That says to me the rationalizing ego-mind is running the show and fear is the predominate thought.   We cannot come to mutually beneficial solutions if our hearts are run over by the mind in Hummer mode. 

How do we take back the mind from hate, intolerance, impatience, judgment, anger and fear?  The answer is really very simple but not so easy.  There is no dominant mind in the now.  In the now there is what is, free of the control of the mind, there is impartiality, observation, enjoyment, appreciating, compassion, hope, and freedom to just be. 


Take a few minutes each day to hang out in the now and you can do that by stepping back from all the doing and just sit or walk quietly and appreciate what is in you and around you.  The deepening breath is a helpful pathway.  Nature is a natural way to be present: watch the wind blow through the trees, hear the birds singing, listen to a stream or the ocean, hear the laughter of children, appreciate the beauty of a wonderful song, enjoy the company of those around you, and walk with peace in your heart.

Have an enjoyable and play filled weekend. 


Peace Letter #58

Dear President Obama,

Yes you are so right to keep on working away and pushing through different issue.  Keep the positive forces moving forward and soon the momentum despite the resistance will shift to the favor of what is best for all of us. 

Hear the call to peace, to better resources for health for everyone, to more compassion for those in need, to protect our planet for future generations, and for good work for good pay for all, so once again we become a land of opportunity for everyone in this nation.
Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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