Thought Particles Manifest

Throughout your day what you have been thinking has a major effect on how you have been feeling and what has been happening in your life.  Thoughts move particles which are the building blocks of all matter.  So if in clarity you think about healing, the particle of thought move into action and create healing.  If your mind is unconsciously playing a regular message of not deserving, you won’t create what you want. 

Yes thoughts are very powerful even if they are not based in reality.  You can either be conscious about how you use your mind or unconsciously be run by it. 

Thought particles can heal, can damage, can bring prosperity or sabotage it, can enhance your focus or push you into anxiety.  You are made up of particles as the basic building block.  Your thoughts gather particles into form.  If you think, “I need a new car” and you focus your thoughts on making that happen, soon you will look out and see that car in your driveway.  

These particle gatherings, caused by our thinking, can be powerful in a number of ways.  If you concentrate on what is not going well in your life you create real discomfort in you in the form of upsetting emotions and more disappointing results.  If you set your sights on a goal for world peace your mind starts gathering the idea forms (particles) and soon you have a plan and steps to take.  You might even see yourself receiving the Nobel Peace Prize as an exercise in visualization to fully activate your thought forms. 

Thoughts and their particle friends can be used in the healing of self and others.  If you or a friend or family member is in need of healing: close your eyes and imagine the particles of healing filling the person with the light of perfect health or positive well-being.  The particles created by thought then do the work of healing at a very organic level. 

I have created a collage with an image of these powerful creating and healing particles (they are much small in reality, more microscopic in size).   I have included the affirmation of “I Am” as a reminder that you and I are made up of our thoughts, particles, emotions, and a spiritual nature.  As you focus your mind to gather particles with a purpose in mind be sure to remember your Higher Self as a way to even more powerfully energize what you want to manifest. 

The writings of Deepak Chopra are filled with great descriptions of the ways to use your mind and understanding of quantum physics (particles) to create the life you desire.

Peace Letter #63

Dear President Obama,

As you battled even those in your own party about healthcare I can’t help think about all the money that has been poured into this debate to influence the outcome.  Money influence causes many in Washington DC to lose focus of their values and their heart.  If they really listen to their inner truth they would no real healthcare reform with the public option is what is best for the people. 

Please Mr. President hear your higher truths and guide us to care for others from a place of genuine compassion and real reform.  Please do the same about these wars we are in.  They do not represent the higher values of anyone.  

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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