How To Make Life More An Exploration, Part One

Expanding your mind of ideas will greatly enrich how you go about life.  The following are fifteen different ways of being worth fully exploring as you go about your life each day:

1.    Meditation - is a practice of quiet contemplation and taking back your mind from the chaos of thoughts.  There are many forms of meditation.  Most communities offer classes and there are vast resources online and around the world
2.    Spirit as guide, higher self, higher power – there are much greater forces within you beyond the workings of your ego and personality.  These forces are worth exploring and when you want to learn more about your higher nature opportunities will present themselves. 
3.    Live with purpose – you are here on the planet like the rest of us with a specific purpose that only you can realize.  The rest of us are counting on you to be you as fully as you can. 
4.    Open your heart – The heart is your contact with the world.  If your heart is open you build meaningful relationships and experience life as fulfilling.  Compassion is a key ingredient in transforming the planet from struggle to peace.
5.    Take control of your mind – Your choice is to either be mindful and shape your experience of life or let your conditioned ego-mind run your life.  One is running your mind and the other is being run by your mind.
6.    Pay attention to your feelings – Feelings bring color and depth to your life and if they are pay attention to, they are the best guide as to what is best for you and what will bring you the most happiness.  Focused feeling can power you to success.
7.    Keep the body fit and eat right – The body is more than a your transporting unit, it is the feeling and action center.  A healthy body makes you feel more alive and good food keeps that aliveness energized. 
8.    Learn to listen to others and self – Listening is true gift to others and essential to your for a rewarding life.  Listening means hearing with your heart and have compassion for the journey of each being.
9.    Express your creativity – There has never been found a limit to creativity in any human being.  You are creativity waiting to be expressed in your own unique way. Express yourself for the good of all.
10.    Let the Child play – Inside of you is a child, mostly that child wants to remind you that being playful is important to how you experience life.  Sometimes the child was pushed away too early and it lies inside in a ball hoping you will invite it out to play to help make you whole.
11.    Ask questions, explore beliefs - You were given a mind to question all your thoughts and beliefs.  The world is really in need of questioning minds who can see through the blinders of limiting beliefs and closed minds
12.    Develop Impartiality – Your ability to move beyond the judging mind and simply be a witness to your own process is transformative.  If you can watch and be accepting of yourself, you can do the same for others.
13.    Explore Higher Consciousness – The goal of the game of life is to become more awake and aware and thereby free yourself to make healthy and vibrant life choices.  The more you are conscious, the more you can help others be awake and aware.
14.    Be positive about money – Money is energy, you can view money any way you want.  You can be open to having all the money you want and use money for the good of humanity or you can judge other who have money and keep it from flowing through your life.   
15.   Trust is a powerful practice – if you can learn to trust yourself and those around you, you then liberate yourself to be more fully the potential that resides in you.  Trust the universe and things will flow in abundance.

Part two tomorrow will add 15 more to this list.  Have a good Monday and live as fully as you can.