Part Two: Making Life An Exciting Exploration

Here are the second 15 points I wanted to share with you to invite you to consider being more fully who you are capable of becoming for the good of us all: 

16.    Accept yourself without question – To set yourself completely free to live an amazing life you must learn to fully accept yourself.  All self-doubt originates from your formative years and none of it is true.  Begin today to fully and completely accept yourself just as you are.
17.    Explore your potential – The human potential is limitless.  How have you explored what is possible within you?  What desires inside are calling you clearly toward your higher expression?  Who do you want to become?
18.    Be in the moment – Of course where else could you live except in the now.  Unfortunately your mind too often slips back into the past or wanders off into the future.  The present is where all the action is and the only real place you can be. 
19.    Live your truth – You know what is truth for you and what is not.  When you live in truth your life feels right and energizing; when you ignore truth then you feel at a loss and unable to have a real passion for living.
20.    Seek and be open to inspiration – Inspiration is all around you in the song of a bird, in a walk in nature, through an intuitive moment, through the writings of another, by way of a great piece of music and on and on.  All you have to do is be open.
21.    Practice never ending improvement – Each day if you do one thing to get smarter, be more tuned in, live healthier or spread more compassion then soon you will be a much better version of yourself and happier.
22.    Treat all life as sacred – All life forms are sacred because they all have the same source or creative force of the universe.  You are part of this sacred web and remembering that will empower your life in an infinite number of ways.
23.    Explore unity consciousness – If you realize your connectedness to everyone and everything on the planet, you also realize that what you do does matter.  In the silence of deep awakening is the realization of the divine nature in all of us.  Live the way of Namaste.
24.    Take action on your dreams and desires – Dreams and desires reside in you for the purpose of encouraging your growth.  As you take the path towards what you want you will discover energy and support from the universe to help you realize your dreams. 

25.    Find your courage and live with determination – Courage resides in the heart and determination is the soles of your feet.  Move forward with clarity, step past the fear, and keep going to the finish line.  Only the courageous live life fully.
26.    Follow through with your commitments – Commitments are promises to self and others that mean something to you and those who matter.  Your word is powerful so give it when you mean it.  Do what it takes to fulfill your commitments and you will sleep peacefully at night.
27.    Learn to be centered – When centered you move about your life with power, determination and fluidity.  Always meet the world from your center and you will achieve great things in a relaxed way.
28.    Live big, let your light shine – There is within you the most incredible light and the world needs you to let it shine.  Play big, express yourself fully and be a beacon of inspiration, purpose and passion.
29.    Take charge with humility - You and everyone else has a powerful ego.  Please contain the ego for the good of all and instead be humble enough to live impeccably within your own quiet higher nature.
30.    Walk on the earth with respect and be peaceful – Walking respectfully and peacefully through every aspect of your life will be a blessing that will return to you in endless ways.  There will be many who will be glad to call you a friend.

Peace Letter #63

Dear President Obama,

Yes it is time to be courageous and pass the healthcare bill but it is weak without a public option and frankly feels like a sell out by Congress if it is not included. 

The other courage needed is to get us out of the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The people do not support either of these wars so please listen to us and do what is right.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Please Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: