Healthcare Reform Is The Right and Compassionate Thing To Do

I have to admit to growing impatient with the whole fight against healthcare reform.  Why are people not seeing through all the rhetoric and reading between the lines?  This being run like sheople by political views is nonsense and plays completely into the hands of the corporations who profit hugely at a giant cost to all of us.  The insurance industry does not provide health care, medicine, hospitals, research or anything else except costs.  All the needed services come through other business entities, corporations, and organizations.  We do need their gate keeping their limits to our services, nor their controlling requirements.  This seems so clear at so many levels that real change is needed and a public option is essential or even better we can all have medicare. 

It is time that people look beyond their closed minded ideas and instead look to how we can make healthcare affordable to everyone.  Excellent healthcare is a right for all Americans not just those who can afford it.  It is fundamental right much more than large profits for share holders and CEO’s.  How come people are arguing for the continued benefit of corporations rather than their own needs? 

Government is not bad but it is certainly not working as well as it could.  The financial influences in DC are corrupting the process.  However without government we would be in one heck of a mess.  If corporations were the governing body we would be even more of a mess.  Government has elections and built in safeguards like the executive, the judicial and the legislative.  Corporations exist only to make profits with little concern for the people or the planet. 

Taxes are part of every successful democracy on the planet.  We cannot have healthcare, fire department, police, schools, national security and so much more without taxes.  Fair taxes are needed not tax cuts mostly for the wealthy. We cannot wage and cut taxes.  Let’s instead end the wars and be willing to pay reasonable taxes for what serves us all. 

These are not some political ideas offered here but the reality of the imperfect world we live in.  Next time someone is bashing the government and healthcare reform ask them what ideas do they have to make the system work better.  If they say lets keep it the same then I would ask how will that work for the many people who have little or no coverage?  This seems like a matter of compassion and the realization that we are all connected to each other.  Whenever any of us suffers because of greedy systems then the whole planet is burdened by the lack of heart. 

Please write, email or call your elected officials today in Washington DC and tell them to support the healthcare reform that you believe will make a positive difference. 

Peace Letter #64

Dear President Obama,

Please end the war and provide us with good healthcare instead.  If all people on the planet have a home, food, healthcare and an opportunity for a meaningful life then there is no need for war.

Yes it is that simple.  We prefer the peaceful simple way because that is what is best for the most of us.   

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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