Setting Intentions Creates Opportunities

A few years ago I read Intention by Wayne Dyer.  The book was powerful for me but time passed and I forgot about the book and the importance of having intentions.  In a recent conversation with a co-worker the subject of having intentions was brought up and it reminded me to return to setting intentions daily.  Now I have a notebook next to my computer and each morning I write my intentions.

I have decided to daily set my intentions for several reasons

•    First, it is great to get clear about what we want to make happen this day and in our lives.  If we understand our intention for today, for the week, for the year we have a chance of making it happen.  If we don’t know where we want to go we won’t know if we get there.
•    Second, if we have some idea of the results we want to create then our mind and intuition go to work to help us get there.  It is as if with clarity of intention we activate the parts of us that help reach the goals we desire.
•    Third, intentions create energy that has the capability of drawing into our lives what we want.  This energy is a very attractive force and things seem to fall into place when we know what we want.
•    Fourth, with intention we can move past any stuck places or any sense of helplessly.  We set a course with intention and that motivates us to think past what isn’t working toward what we want to make happen.  Leaving what isn’t working behind is a positive thing.

The plan is to write the intentions (as many as you want) everyday and then be open to the ideas, inspiration, and higher forces that are waiting to guide us.  Then when we are guided it is important, and a key to success, that we do our best to follow the guidance.  These directing force are what clear and consistent intentions activate.  Great clarity and persistence will bring about great results.  


Tip – Make sure your intentions are written with positive language and are focused in the now.  Think big and go for the best in you.  

Here are two of my intentions written as affirmations to give you examples:
1.    I Am guided by my Higher Self to be an ever expanding force for peace, compassion and consciousness on the planet
2.    I open to new and amazing opportunities coming to me now in wonderful ways

Peace Letter #65

Dear President Obama,

Intention is a powerful force.  When you get clear about positive changes in this country and set the course through your leadership the intentions will gather the energy of the people to bring about the best results.

Three intentions most people share with you:  Peace, Healthcare for all, and taking care of our planet.  Lead us please by example and clarity of intention.  Ask us to rise up and be the possibilities in us.  

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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