Maybe Being Sick Begins In The Mind

Yikes!!! Yesterday it was a nice warm day and I played golf before work, this morning there is 3 inches of snow and it is cold out there.  Lately I have been thinking about the long bout with the cold and flu I had for over three week.  Normally I am totally healthy and do not get sick so I began to wonder about the circumstances that created and maintained this long lasting cold and sore throat.  When I get stuck for answers I tend to go in search of ideas from other people, the web, books and articles.  

In my search I came upon these ideas and wanted to share them with you in the hopes that we could all benefit from an expanded level of consciousness about what makes us healthy and what my cause us to get ill:

•    First idea was that our body responds very directly to our thoughts.  If we are focused on what is not ok in our life, on what is wrong, who is to blame etc. that focus has a disturbing affect on our health.  So a negative mindset can be a cause of illness.  The thoughts we have may cause us to get sick.  
•    Second idea is that when we get sick we tend to focus on what feels bad, what hurts, how tired we are, how low energy we feel and that focus makes getting well more difficult.   So a focus on the challenging symptoms may cause the illness to continue or even get worse.  The body is responding to our thoughts.   
•    Third idea is that when we are ill it is best to focus on well-being; when wanting health we need to focus on what is hopeful, positive and makes us feel good.  As stated in the first idea, the body responds very directly to our thoughts.  Thought focus on well being, gratitude, appreciation, uplifting emotions and positive outcomes create health, well-being and great results.
•    Fourth idea is that to get ill is not an indictment on you but rather points out that your mind is working in a way that is not health producing.  This is another reminder of the importance of being aware of and questioning our thoughts.  The attention of the mind shapes your health and well-being.  

I hope you found these ideas helpful.  They seemed insightful to me and will make it easier for me to keep aware of my own well-being in ways that assure my health and happiness.  Please feel free to share these ideas if you know someone would benefit from them.  

 Peace Letter #65

Dear President Obama,

Postponing your trip to push the Healthcare bill is a wise move and part of making your important agenda happen.  Now would you postpone any further buildup of the war in Afghanistan for the good of our country and the welfare of our citizens in need?

In our state of Colorado, which is already last of the 50 states in providing services to those with mental health issues, the budget mess this country is in is even further crippling us.  This mess is because of war and the other disasters of the past administration.     

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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