Capitalism: A Love Story or A Nightmare?

Last night I sat after a busy week and watched the movie Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore.  The movie finally became available through Netflix and it was top on our list.  Michael Moore is kind of a hero to me because he questions the establishment and so much of what most of us take for granted.  This movie is a must for anyone who questions what is going on in this country and in our government. 

This movie contains so many eye opening points, even the special features after the movie are a must see because there is more to be enlightened about there.  One of the points I got really clearly from this film is that capitalism is a real thorn in the side of our democracy.  This is an economic system that is simply not sustainable. 

The formula of a Democracy is one person = one vote. 
The formula for capitalism is one dollar = one vote. 

In these simple formulas we can see the major cause of most of our problems in this nation and around the world.  It seems to me that if the people actually ran the world the problems would be worked out.  The reality is that the 5% of the people that have the 90% of the wealth have all the votes in our economic system.  So does this economic system work best for the people or for the ones with the most votes?   Is that OK with you?

This movie charged up the social justice advocate in me.  Our system is broken and many, many, many people are suffering because it is.  I personally do not like to see, know of, or hear about my fellow brothers and sisters suffering.  I have dedicated myself and my career to helping those that suffer and I feel like I need to do more.  How about you, are you with me on this? 

A couple of other points I want to share with you and again I want to recommend seeing this movie soon.  The time is now to move into action.  

The financial bailout was highway robbery perpetrated by our government officials who you and I elected to look out for us.  They were not looking out for us they were looking out for those who benefited the most from our economic system.  

People loosing their homes, because of slippery banking/mortgage practices, is an awful crime towards humanity.  Every 7 seconds there is a housing foreclosure in this country.  Many of those houses then stand abandoned and the people who loose their homes become homeless.  This is wrong, so wrong.    

The lack of compassion and plain ruthlessness of capitalism seems to me to be against all the key teachings of all religions.  Anyone that rationalizes their crimes of greed against humanity by claiming God as their partner has no idea who God is. 

I could go on and on but I clearly see the need for change and rededicate myself to do my best in every way I can to work toward the end of suffering and towards a system that is run by compassion and consciousness.  Would you join me in whatever ways you have a passion to make a difference? 

Peace Letter #66

Dear President Obama,

I saw the movie called Capitalism; A Love Story
by Michael Moore and I saw what you are up against and all the influence that you must have to deal with in every change you work for and I have a greater compassion for your journey.

Please call on all of us to help you take on the systems that want to stay the same because it benefits all those who have influence.  Your fighting for healthcare has been inspirational.  Please add to the bill when you get it a “public option” as Mr. Bush added and subtracted things all the time when he signed bills.  Also end the wars because they are part of our imperialistic past and no longer work for us.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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