The Big 60

Today is my 60th Birthday and I am excited to be alive and full of inspiration and energy.  My chronological age is 60 years but my body is much younger and my mind and heart are more open than ever.  I so much appreciate the life I have and all that flow that is coming my way. 

I am as passionate about peace, living with purpose and in expressing my potential through consciousness as ever.  The ideas and inspiration are flowing so richly that I am thinking about writing another blog in celebration of turning 60.  I am thinking something like a blog called Progressive Minds (working title) which will focus on progressive ideas, courage of compassion, consciousness in action with a taste of the lighter side which would be a good stretch so I don’t just turn this new blog into a rant site. 

The other possible blog could be the Counseling Zone (working title) more of a question and answer site for those interested in more optimal states of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  This is more aligned with my profession and something I have been doing for over 35 years. 

Neither new blog is clear yet but something is stirring in both arenas.  If you have an opinion about what your preference is, let me know.  Either will move me more into a specific genre and I can do more with ads and other money making opportunities to enhance my financials which is needed from my years of working in human services. 

I look forward to having a fun day and a dinner with friends tomorrow.  Peace and love to each of you that takes part of your day to stop by and read whatever inspiration is talking through my fingers.  It is a good day to be alive.