Beyond The Barriers Of The Subconscious Mind

Recently I watch a series of interesting videos by Bob Proctor about creating the life you want.  I encourage you to check this series out - click here to watch this series. 

If you are like me, you are always wanting to learn more about how your mind works.  I have been a student of the conscious and subconscious mind for most of my adult life and yet still feel there is more to learn and more success for me to create.  

The conscious mind is the gateway that lets stuff in or not.  It is selective and it is aware if what we are thinking.  The subconscious mind is not selective and filled mostly with the past conditioning we received as a child.  The subconscious mind is the key to our creating the life we desire.  The videos will explain this to you better than I do. 

The point of the videos and this post is to explore how you (and I) can get past the early childhood programming from your family and the world around you in the formative years.  Those old ideas tend to stick around and shape so much about how your life turns out.  Their influence is powerful because they provide the basic of how you see the world. 

If you learn at an early age that life is a struggle and just getting by is the way it was in your family then there is a good change you will play out a similar story in your own adult life.   If you are born into an affluent family you may think of life as a prosperous journey of fun adventures and as adults you would create that for your family because it fits the conditioning of you subconscious mind.

You are what you think you are at the subconscious level.  If you notice in your life that you have regular patterns they are most likely to be products of the subconscious programming you received. 

Changing the influence of your formative years is not easy and too often you just try to push forward but never seem to get beyond these learned limitations.  Positive thoughts piled on top of deeply grooved conditioning does little to alter your life toward a higher expression.  

Mr Proctor would like to show you the way and I will explore further the course he is offering because I believe he has something significant to offer.  In the mean time here is a tentative plan I am going to explore and I invite you to give it a try with me. 

That plan is to move you and I beyond the barriers of the subconscious mind include:

  • First I must be aware that I am the barrier to my ideal life and I totally and complete accept myself even in the recognition that I am in my own way.
  • Second I am going to assume that I have some limiting ideas that are holding me back.
  • Third I commit to being aware of old thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are part of this conditioning.  With awareness I have choice.
  • Fourth I know this process is beyond my ordinary conscious thought and that a deeper connection to my Higher Self will be helpful.
  • Fifth I trust I can move beyond the barriers of the past and to do this I visualize these barriers as porous from all my past attempts at breakthrough from my conditioning.  These barriers are now dissolving through my awareness and my focused barrage of hopeful and positive intentions and affirmations.
  • Sixth I see myself as opening a floodgate of opportunity and abundance and I feel how wonderful that feels.  Soon I am living the reality of my greatest and more expansive desires. 

Join me if you wish and together we will see how this all works out. 


Peace Letter #68

Dear President Obama,


There appears to be some dangerous opposition to change in this country.  I highly encourage a campaign to teach people about tolerance and the right to different points of view.  We as a nation have the duty to teach understanding and compassion.  That is real education at a basic and essential level.

I also think as long as this nation engages in war than there will be people who will rationalize violence as ok.  Please work for peace and away from war.


Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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