Creative Expression Will Forever Change You And The World

The Food Network provides my wife and I the majority of our TV watching.  We enjoy the Iron Chef and Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Good Eats with Elton Brown and other programs.  I like the shows because I enjoying cooking and being inspired for new dishes to try.   There is something about creative expression that I find energizing and that includes in the kitchen.  Tonight on the Food channel there is a show called Dinner Impossible and that show really take lots of creativity also.  Chefs are very creative people and if you have seen Iron Chef you know what I am talking about. 

Writing is a wonderful creative outlet and that is why I enjoy my blog so much.  In my work with my clients and in my groups much creativity is needed to keep growth and awareness expanding.  When I paint I love the creativity of working with colors and shapes.  When I do collages the creative flow comes easily through images and words I have been drawn to in preparation.  Check out the collage below and see the many images and ideas that expand in their impact when they come together.

What creative outlets do you explore?  What creative interests do you have that you have wanted to explore?  Who are creative people you know and what inspires you about their work?

Take a few days to think about and feel for what inside of you is asking to be expressed and in what form it wants to manifest.  Look around you and see the creative expression in buildings, in design work, listen to the songs on the radio, watch a movie, read a good novel and marvel at the creative genius working through the filmmakers and songwriters, the architects, the wordsmiths and know that same kind of creative expression is waiting in you.

You may not realize it yet but there is in you a creative genius waiting to come out.  You may have had glimpses of this waiting genius while: playing with a small child; doodling while on the phone or at a lecture; arranging flowers in a vase; writing a love poem; coming up with a great idea in a meeting; singing in your car on the way home from work; dancing in the privacy of your home before others get up; pecking away at your keyboard as ideas come flying out; with a camera you capture a human emotion that sends consciousness through every viewer; in a quiet moment of contemplation you come up with a solution that represents the next evolutionary step in human understanding; and others ways creativity is trying to speak to and through you. 

The more you let yourself explore, the greater energy and genius is released and joy and freedom become your experience of the world.    

Peace Letter #57

Dear President Obama,

“Lead the change we believe in” is a line I saw in a brief video to you about the influence of banks and I would add drug companies, medical corporations, insurance industry, the military-industrial complex, investment and mortgage firms, oil and energy companies and many more.   We hoped you would help us with the bringing about real change as the rich get richer and we struggle more and more. 

Yes I understand the challenges are endless and it is hard to decide what heartless forces to take on first but you wanted the job and we wanted you to have it. 

Please work to get us out of war as soon as possible and bring us real health care reform so we all will be fully covered with reasonable costs. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: