What Shifts In Evolutionary Consciousness Do You Want?

Lately people seem tired and restless.  Is it that way in your world?  I feel myself in those states recently and yet I also wonder how much is this in kind of a collective weariness reflective of the times we live in?  What is your sense about this restlessness?  Maybe we are on the cusp of some huge shift and are feeling the energy of that evolutionary bump that is on its way?  I think of a tsunami and how before it hits the land it pulls all the water out; like sucking us dry? 

If there is a shift coming where do you imagine it will show up.  Will the planet be altered?  Will we leap forward as a species and what will that look like?  It seems we would all benefit from a number of major shifts in consciousness.  The following are some that come to mind:


  • A shift towards more compassion for each other would be indicative of an evolving heart
  • The full realization that we are all connected to each other in a vast web across many levels of awareness
  • A movement toward individual spiritual awakening and away from organized religions
  • The expansion of global village where nationality will be less important
  • Total healthcare for all run by compassionate organizations not for profits corporations
  • The evolution of the corporate influence back to where it belongs as a minor player in government policy
  • The further understanding and activation of the brain/mind capacities, which is potential in waiting
  • The realization of the importance of all the relationships we find ourselves part of whether family, work, friends, community and globally
  • That we are all much more similar than different and that working together will make the world better for all of us
  • That ideological differences are just thoughts and if we change our thoughts we are can join together as one
  • That all beings deserve a life in which their basic needs are assured including a home, income, healthcare, love and the hope for a better future
  • Education lasts for a lifetime and that education needs to be a priority to empower all the people to be informed and understanding citizens of the planet
  • Better health is available to all if everyone gets the opportunities to learn about eating for wellness, benefits of exercise, and the ways to maximize healthy mind, body and emotions
  • A healthy political process comes about when people learn to put their egos aside for the benefit of humanity
  • When kindness, generosity and prosperity comes to all through the realization that there is no longer a need for greed
  • That power and control is placed on the back burner of human endeavor so that the people work together to benefit all


What would you add to this list?  Yes many of these ideas represent the highest of human capacities and there is no reason they cannot be realized in the next generation or two.  Remember when 10% of the people get clear and focused on what is right for humanity an unstoppable wave of influence touches us all.   


Peace Letter #78

Dear President Obama,

I so much appreciate your work to reduce nuclear weapons.  Signing the agreement with Russia was great.  It seems like such a long time since anyone did anything positive in this arena.  Thank you.

Now please do your best to get us out of any wars.  They are the old ways and we need new more conscious ways in the 21st Century.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact