Touching Is Needed For Our Well Being

Touch is what I wanted to write about today.  Many of us may feel touch starved.  How much touch do we get in our life?  Touching has real benefits especially for the development of children.   There is research that shows that if we do not receive enough touch as children our brains do not develop fully. 

The research indicates there are a number of benefits from being touched or touching others.  These benefits include: emotional support, boosting of our immune system, enhanced closeness for those we have relationships with, the meeting of attachment needs, pain relief, increase ability to cope, expand our sense of health, enhanced attentiveness, reduced depression, quality of life improvement and even the sense of connection to our spirit. 

Yes without a doubt there are real benefits.  So what kind of touch will we benefit from giving or receiving?  Touching that is kind, compassionate, supportive, respectful, encouraging, and loving.  There are also very therapeutic kinds of touching like massage, other forms of bodywork, Therapeutic Touch, Shiatzu, Cranio-Sacral and many other healing practices. 

When I worked at a chronic pain program a number of years ago there was a nurse name Dolly who always touched the patients lightly and with compassion as they struggled to deal with their discomforts as their medications were reduced.  Inevitably when they were going through the graduation from the 3 week residential pain reduction program, Dolly was always mentioned as someone who made a real difference.  The received the benefits of her touch.

Who do you need to touch more?  Hugs count lots so who do you want to get hugs from and give more hugs to?   Kids love hugs and caring touch.  The elderly really benefit from touch.  Our spouses really want more touch.  We all want more touch.  Lets go out there a touch and hug for the good health and well being of us all.