Finding Balance, In Search Of Center

Have you ever walked across a narrow path where your balance seemed very important, maybe along a cliff or on a board across a stream?  Have you ever had to walk the line between waiting patiently and jumping into action?  Have you ever strained to ease up rather than push forward?  Balance is being comfortable in a variety of circumstances and never losing your center.  Balance is the awareness of thoughts and emotions and tasting the variety and yet never giving in to the impulses of indulgence.  Balance is witnessing with the observer mind yet being fully submerged in the now of the experience.

How does one get to this place where one is both witness and participant quiet walking along the balance beam high above the temptations of life yet dipping into them like a strawberry in chocolate?  To find balance explore these different viewpoints:

  • First stand erect with your head stretching into the clouds and your feel rooted into the earth.  Feel as you rock gently forward and back and sideways to sideways.  When you arrive at the center of all this movement you are experiencing balance.
  • Next locate your center from toes to head and experiment moving from that center.  Move toward something and away from something.  Stretch for a book on a high self or pick a spring flower from the garden.  Where is your balance point?
  • Now find your emotional balance point.  When should feelings be felt and how much should you feel?  All feelings are ok and if you watch them they will come up and shortly move on to other feelings.  Emotional balance is to watch what you feel and still be in charge. 
  • Follow that up with finding the center of your mind.  Are you about what was or what will be?  Is there a past or future any other place than the mind?  The mind’s center exists in the now, alert to the possibilities present.  Can you find that present moment in your thoughts?
  • Where is your social center?  Time with self and time with others.  When too much time is spent alone craving for contact arrives.  When too much time is spent with others longing for peaceful moments arise.   
  • Lastly and possibly most important is finding your spiritual balance.  Are you walking in the air of fantasy or stuck in the muck of daily life?  What lifts you up to a higher realm of nature?  Is balance in spirit much more you as a spiritual being having a human experience as opposed to you being a human having a spiritual experience?

Can there be balance among these different aspects of self?  Yes it is important to find balance between mind, body, emotions, social and spiritual?  Too much time spent focused on any one aspect will throw off the balance.   Take some time over the next few days to explore these ideas and see what you will discover.  When centered and balanced, you will feel at peace and just where you need to be.