Expanding Capacities: A Series – Introduction

There has been a lot of excitement flowing through me lately since the talk I heard on Monday at our Public Health meeting.   I mentioned Chet Sisk (Google him for lots of info) and the inspirational talk he gave.  His talked reminded/validating that my work on expanding possibilities in the client we serve is the right direction and does make a difference.  He used the term “expanded capacities” and it got me thinking that I want to do a series here at my blog about expanding our capacities.  I have written about this idea in a number of ways over the past couple of years.  I will now review and further explore ways to expand what is possible within us and latter put together an e-book so you can have in more readily available.

Let’ begin with some basic ideas:

  • The greatest limits to our lives today are the stories, ideas, and beliefs in our mind.  We can change those thoughts and enrich our lives.
  • Our mind is much more than our thoughts.  Beyond the 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day is a capacity to observe and know our higher nature.
  • We shape our experience of life.  When something happens, it is what we think about it that causes us to feel and act.  If we change our thoughts we change our experience.
  • Our feelings are neither good nor bad they are responses to our thoughts and feedback about what we are doing.  If we are feeling positive than we are on track; if we are feeling negative we are off track. 
  • There is in every one of us a Higher Self/Spirit that has no limits of time, energy or capacities and is waiting to show us the way to more happiness, success and the life we desire.
  • Love and compassion are the greatest healing force of the universe.  All the world problems can be resolved by opening our hearts.
  • Most of the stories of World’s Religions are often very limiting stories and not about our spiritual nature.  The better way to engage with our spirit is in our own silence.
  • Each of us has a purpose and that purpose can be found in the heart and living it will make a positive difference in the world.
  • There is so much to explore about our own nature and potential. The best way to explore is with an open mind and heart and a willingness to step out of our comfort zone.
  • The way to higher expression is to push beyond the ordinary boundaries of thoughts, habits, and the familiar out into the extraordinary of life long learning, contemplation and risk taking out on the edge.
  • In summary, real freedom and happiness comes from knowing our thoughts, acknowledging our feelings, caring for our bodies/health and communicating with our spirit.

These are a few of the themes I want to explore with you and others to come.  There are a variety of methods to do this exploration.  I will share a number of the methods I have explored and other methods I know to be beneficial.  Come join me as together we expand out capacities and enrich our lives and all those we come in contact with.    


Peace Letter #81

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for standing up to the GOP about financial reform and also for whatever part you played in encouraging the charges against Goldman Sachs.  This is essential work and absolutely necessary for protecting the people of this nation.  I often feel the forces of greed and power within our nation are much more dangerous than the small bands of religious fanatics around the world.

Please put most of your focus and our resources right at home and end the wars we are in because they are hurting us more than helping anyone.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact