32 Expanded Capacities Waiting In You Today

Today’s post is a very enhance version of past one and it felt as if some greater force was flowing through my fingers as I wrote.   I feel blessed to have these ideas come so energized with inspiration, so full of wisdom and the joy of living fully.  This post is all about what is possible within you and I; the potential of capacities and an invitation to expand who we are so we can experience the realization of our unique expression.  

The following is a list of expanded capacities just waiting to be expressed in all of us.  Please place this list (please feel free to copy it and place it in a word document so you can print it)  where it can serve as a reminder that there is so much in you waiting to be realized:

  1. That each of us has an unlimited potential.  This idea is about unlimited, endless, ready to be explored and expressed potential in every one of us.  Time to go exploring.
  2. That our thinking when focused on the positive can make our life a joy to live.  Positive, optimistic and hopeful thinking works so well that it will turn our life into one of filled with peace of mind and happiness.
  3. That there is no limit to the creativity within us.  There has never been found a limit to human creativity; look around and see all that has been created by us humans.  What creative genius is waiting in you?
  4. That within us is the collective wisdom and consciousness of the whole human race.  To say you don’t know is not accurate because if you quiet down and patiently listen inward all human understanding is made available.
  5. That we were all created in the likeness of the Infinite Source, The Divine, God, Higher Power.  Our divine nature makes everything possible for us if we open up to who we fully are.
  6. That we have within us the capacity to heal all illness.  Our immune system is flawless if we keep open and relaxed.  Healing takes place when we live with total appreciation of our heart and spirit.
  7. That the words and ideas in you and I are inspirational as the words and ideas in Martin Luther King.  Tune into the wisdom of ideas and words that flow through you and awaken the world in your own way.
  8. That our capacity to love is so expansive that we could love every living thing on the planet and still have more love to give.  Ponder this capacity to love and find ways each day to share more compassion, kindness and caring.
  9. That our breath if deepened can take us into advanced states of relaxation and higher consciousness.  The breath is our built-in link to our Divine nature.  Take a moment now and breathe with awareness and feel the opening that is waiting.
  10. That our ability to visualize can actually shape our world and manifest our desires.  Within each of us is a flat screen in which we can see what we want, imagine it, feel it and make it happen.
  11. That our energy centers called chakras have the capacity to enrich our lives in many more ways.  These centers are life forces that have capacities waiting to be realized.  Close your eyes and discover these points at the base of your spine, middle of the pelvis, at your center (navel), heart, throat, third eye and crown (top of head).
  12. That our spirit is our life force and this force existed before our birth and will continue forever after our life ends.  Taking some time to build a relationship with your spirit will transform you life.
  13. That our body is an incredible creation that can sense emotions, digest food, activate our immune system, feel the lunar influence, think complex thoughts and so much more all while dancing across the floor, painting a picture, laughing out loud or whatever we are up to.  Join in the full appreciation of all you are and celebrate life each day.
  14. That we can feel emotions that expand us or cause us to contract almost every moment.  Feel what we feel and expand into what feels loving and joyous and move away from fear, anger and other forms of contraction.
  15. That we can choose to be about as happy as we want to be.  If happiness is a choice and it appears to be, what choices do we need to make to live a happy and fulfilled life?  
  16. That if we learn to follow our bliss, our lives will be a joy to live and an inspiration to others.  When we feel bliss we are on track for creating the most amazing life.  Bliss is feedback that in the moment we are just where we need to be.
  17. That our capacity for listening can help us have compassion for the suffering of others.  Listening is a wonderful gift to give to others especially those who are struggling.  Compassion is the heart in action.
  18. That in each of us is an intuitive guiding force that can always show us the way to love, peace and happiness.  When we listen to and act according to our intuitive knowing our life is wonderful, when we ignore our intuition, suffering often occurs.
  19. That in the silence of the moment all is made available to us that we could ever need.  Yes in the now what happens is that hope, joy, peace, love, inspiration and freedom arise to meet our greatest desires.
  20. That a sense of gratitude for how wonderful of a life we have will create more for us to be grateful for.  Gratitude and appreciation are magnetic forces attracting more for us to appreciate.
  21. That to know your Higher Self will set you free to fully express all that you are.  Our Higher Self is infinite in its capacities to create, manifest, and realize our Divine nature.  Sit quietly and have a conversation with Higher Nature,
  22. That each of us has a unique purpose that has the power to change the planet.  This purpose is transformative both to our lives and to all we touch.  Think, Gandhi, MLK, Buddha, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and other transforming heroes and realize this resides in us.
  23. That every person has within him or her the light of inspiration that can shine out across the Earth.  Look into the mirror and see the light in your eyes.  That light needs to shine out in the world for the good of all humanity.
  24. That living in the moment opens endless opportunities to create the life you want.  There is only this moment and in this moment are infinite possibilities.  What is that we want to manifest?
  25. That giving to others always makes us feel better.  Next time something makes us feel poorly, find someone who needs our kindness and caring and give to them and feel the positive flow that happens in that giving. 
  26. That within each of us is the ability to allow whatever we want to come into our lives.  Allowing is a powerful state of mind that goes beyond any past limitations of thought or conditioning.  Allow the flow and it will be there. 
  27. That reading books with expansive ideas can invite the best in us to come out into the world.  Reading, listening to, and watching inspirational ideas can ignite us to become bright lights shining across the planet.
  28. That a creative design, a wonderful painting, a thoughtful poem or an inspirational song can show us how much we have inside of us waiting to be expressed.  Following the guidance of our creative urges will awaken the best in us and inspire others to do the same.
  29. That today is filled with everything you need to be a happy, loving and an inspired human being.  Living today means leaving the past in the past and the future in planning stages.  Now is the only place where the pot of gold of prosperity, success, happiness and love exist.
  30. That abundance of what you want and desire is available to you.  All is made possible through our force of intention and desire.  To desire is to seek our highest expression and a positive link to the Source of all creation. 
  31. That the feeling of relief can be so liberating.  Relief is when we move past the drama of our lives into the liberating feeling of what is possible within us.  Let you mind and emotions flow toward the sensation of relief when you want to take yourself higher.
  32. That we are all one.  Unity Consciousness is another term for oneness.  We are all interrelated and what we do does matter to all of us.  Living in peace, joy and love makes it possible in every living being on this glorious planet Earth.

In the coming weeks I will put together a program to help you realize these capacities waiting in you.  Please join me and together we will turn the lights on in our eyes, expand our hearts, use our minds for the betterment of all, and liberate our spirits to soar to our highest and most expansive expression.