Evolutionary Willingness

It is late Thursday evening and I am sitting here writing my first draft for tomorrow’s post while a Blazer Vs Nuggets game is playing on TNT.   The game is on mute so I can look up ever so often to check the score.  Yes, my Macbook is so nice for indulging two of my passions, my blog and my Blazers.  

On Wednesday my post mentioned The Evolutionary Guidebook I got as a gift and this book is the inspiration for my post today.  It is written around seven guidelines and the first one, “Willingness” got me thinking a lot. 

How often do we show a willingness to go with the flow of life, with our intuitive knowing, or with the guidance of our higher nature?  Instead it seems we too often try to use our will power or ego to make things happen.

Should life be about trying to push the river or flowing with it?  Should it be about hanging on for dear life along the shore afraid to let go or should it be letting go and go downstream in a willing surrender to great and wiser forces? 

It seems that those of us that are forward thinking tend to put our efforts into creating future results and sometimes miss out because of our unwillingness to go with what is.  Those of us that hang onto the past, as if it was better, get stuck with old ideas running us and we never let go into the flow because we live in fear of what is to come.  Willingness is going with the flow; being willing to step into the river of evolving life trusting in the higher source’s guiding energy.

Willingness is being ready to move beyond the ego and the tyranny of small-minded self-interest.  This is a willing receptivity to be guided by a greater force than personal needs.

Imagine everything is perfectly aligned with who we are capable of becoming if we are simply and willing step into the flow of the greater forces of planetary evolution.

Imagine the energy made available if you were willing to drop your effortfulness and instead chose to go with the higher forces wanting, waiting and willing to guide us.

What do you think?  Are you present to the guidance available that want to further evolve humanity?  The time is now for us all to listen more deeply.  Enjoy your weekend.