Inspirational Podcasts, Open To Guidance, & Finding Appreciation

It is a sunny and windy Saturday morning and I am patiently waiting for it to warm up some before I venture out on my bike.  I am excited about some things I wanted to share with you today. 

First is that I have discovered a really great source for inspiration - podcasts.  Yes I know they have been around but with my new i-Pod shuffle I can now download the most amazing and inspirational thoughts and ideas.  The source for these downloads that I have discovered is at a site called Sounds True  and a podcast series called Insights At The Edge.  There are over 50 leading edge travelers in the realms of spirit, expanded awareness, consciousness, psychology, etc.  Check this out and join me and be inspired beyond the normal pathways of thought that our minds too often go over and over.

Secondly I have been thinking about guidance and ways we can move beyond the blind spots and old stuck thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.  In the past I have shared about the importance of connected with the higher wisdom we have.  That higher wisdom comes in the form of Higher Self, Spirit, Source Energy, Spirit Guide, or something other type of channel tuned to a higher frequency than our normal thinking mind. 

Our guides can manifest: as a person who shows up as a teacher; in can be inspiration and intuition that comes to us internally; it can be an a nature source like listening to a stream or the wisdom of the seasons; it can be a power animal; it can be a conversation with the God of your understanding; sometimes it is a book that shows up in your life; and many other forms that are unique to each of us that is receptive to guidance.  What guidance are you open to beyond your busy noisy mind?  If you do not have a source please take some time to open to it because I am confident beyond doubt that your higher guidance is waiting for you right this very moment.

Thirdly, in my readings about flow, evolution and manifestation, it seems that a key ingredient for have the life we want is appreciation.  Appreciating what is instead of wanting it to be different.  Appreciating ourselves for who we are, self love is powerful.  Appreciating our purpose and passions and exploring them.  Appreciating the gifts of life that come to us daily. It seems very clear that the more we appreciate the more we have to appreciate. 

Also here is a very interesting article on some recent health studies that is well worth reading. 

Please share with me and my other readers what you discover while exploring any of today’s ideas.  A community of people awakening together is a wonderful thing.  Peace to you.


Peace Letter #73

Dear President Obama,

The hate in this country is growing and it is because people close their minds instead of becoming more conscious human beings.  Fear causes many to contract, close down and withdraw.  In that closed state nothing comes in that can change their thinking because they keep feeding their mind with the same limited and limiting points of view.  Much of talk radio is a virus that feeds fear. 

The country needs your strong voice and many others to speak up for compassion, consciousness and that fact that we are much more connected than separate.  We are all in this together.  There is no need for such high charged opposition if we understand we are all connected.  Compassion naturally arises when people open their minds and hearts.

Please take us out of the closed mindedness of war.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: