So Much Is Going On Yet Who Is Working For Peace

Lately I have been very focused on ways to expand what we think we are capable of realizing in our lives. The past few posts have been about this topic so I thought I needed a little variety just to let my readers know I have not gone off the deep end of fascination about the human potential.  Although frankly I could write about these ideas for a long time and never run out of interest for this topic.  So let me wander elsewhere today for the sake of noticing what else is going on. 

As you know there is much else to comment on including: the media driven obsessive fears about Al Qaeda and socialism; that there are still people who actually believe what Rush Limbaugh says; that the natural unrest of the planet indicated by the volcanoes in Iceland and earthquakes in Tibet (wrongly called China by the news outlets) may be something we should pay attention to?  And there is more.

My recent visit to the Apple store reminded me how much I appreciate their gadgets, no wonder they have so many loyal customers.  Still there is more happenings in the news to comment about including: Then there is the eye-popping profits of Goldman Sachs who seem heartless and driven by greed; the moronic comments by so-called holy leaders of the Catholic Church; the attempts of many nations to censor what appears on Google; and the overall good job by President Obama even in the face of fierce opposition.  Yes I could comment on any of these events/situations but they all seem like the stuff of life we can get lost in. 

What seems most important to me is Peace.  As you have noticed I continue to write the president in support of his efforts for the really tough job he has and to request that he pull the US of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I now have written the President over 80 times requesting a move toward peace which to me is so essential for the future of this nation and humanity in general. 

War is about human egos and for too long we have let our male ego needs dominate the way we relate to other countries.  This old way is so primitive and shows no evolution except in weapons systems.  Now we have the bombs to blow us all up over and over again and we still have no strategies for peace.  This makes no sense unless we are in the arms business because by all indicators we certainly are not in the business of peace. 

War is always about power, greed, control and who profits the most.  The wars we are in now are not about keeping us safe.  That story of protection in the media uses fear to rationalize the horrors of war.  When we entered these countries we did so with the plan to stay; not to keep us safe or to protect the people of those nations. 

You and I who pay attention are not fooled by what is going on there.  The question is how long are we willing to stand on the sidelines and watch this war nonsense continue?  Peace is the only answer so isn't it time me move past the old destructive ways and enter into a period of constructive progressive change for the good of all of us?


Peace Letter #83

Dear President Obama,

Let’s be honest, war is about control and power not about saving people or keeping us safe.  We are not, nor have we been, endangered by the people in Iraq or Afghanistan.  We are there to stay for strategic purposes.  This nation and others for too long have been in the business of war not in the business of peace.  When will the higher ways of compassion and consciousness win out over the ego needs of those who want more power? 

Please Mr. President be the guiding light to the higher human expression of peace.  

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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