Happy Earth Day - Appreciating Our Beautiful Planet

Tomorrow I will return to my Expanded Capacities series but today is Earth Day. I wanted to share my appreciation for this beautiful tiny speck of planet we call home as it floats across a vast universe.

Here is what I appreciate about the Earth:

It provides an atmosphere to protect us

It provides us with water to drink and shower

It provides soil to grow food

It provides air to breathe

It provides the basic materials to make all we need

It provides so much beauty for us to appreciate

It provides oceans to sail

It provides rivers to navigate

It provides mountains to hike

It provides warmth from the sun

It provides seasons to experience

It provides rain to water the garden

It provides us with a place to call home

It provides shelter for other living creatures

It provides fuel to supply our needs

It provides grass to take a nap on

It provides land to build a home on

It provides a place for the exploration of love

It provides a location for growing human intelligence and exploring human potential

It provides a home for the human spirit to be realized

What do you appreciate about our planet?  Are you concerned about the way it is treated?  There are many non-governmental agencies dedicated to looking out for our planet Earth.  Find one that interests you and get involved:

Sierra Club  

The Nature Conservancy

The Pachamama Alliance 


Friends of the Earth 

These are just a few I trust.  I have been a supporter of the Pachamama Alliance because of the consciousness of their work.  The others are also excellent organizations.   Also the work of Robert Kennedy Jr. as an advocate for the environment is exceptional.

Check out this article: 7 Things You Can Do For Earth Day That Actually Matter 

Please show kindness to the Earth today by getting involved.


Peace Letter #84

Dear President Obama,

As you know today is Earth Day.  Thank you for doing your best to look out for our planet.  We as a nation are getting better but there is still much to do.

War is terribly destructive to the planet and it’s people.  Please take us out of all wars as soon as you can.  

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact