Using Self-Hypnosis To Dissolve Your Inner Barriers

Recently I have been very interested in self-hypnosis as a tool to use with my clients and to enhance my ability to move past any barriers in my subconscious mind.   Self-hypnosis is a great method for relaxation and for focusing the attention of the mind. A recent podcast interview of Dr Steve Gurgevich on Sounds True got me even more interested so I went looking for resources and there are many of them out there on the Web.  Here is very informative site about how to perform self-hypnosis.  

In my personal work I have come upon some unconscious barriers in my subconscious mind and am working at dissolving these barriers.  After listening to the podcast above, I got a strong intuition that self-hypnosis will be a really helpful tool and I want to explore it.  The subconscious mind can be a real barrier in moving our lives forward when it contains thoughts, ideas and beliefs that are limiting.  That same subconscious mind can be a powerful ally on the journey toward self-realization.  

The following is a self-hypnosis procedure you can use to explore this technique:

  1. Set an intention to work on some aspect of your life (better job, relationship, prosperity, health, etc.)  
  2. Write out suggestions to make to yourself as you get into your deeply relaxed state
  3. Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably.
  4. Close your eyes and tune inward with the initial focus on a slow relaxed breath
  5. Imagine yourself relaxing more and more with each breath.  Feel yourself breathing in healing energy and releasing any negativity
  6. Then imagine that you are going into a deeper state and count down slowly from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  
  7. Now feel the depth of your relaxed state and take a moment to enjoy it
  8. Then make suggestions to your now really focused mind like: your body feels full of energy and completely healthy; your work is now rewarding and fun; you are a money magnet; your heart is filled with love and people come into your life to enjoy the light of love in your heart.
  9. Again be aware of your relaxed state and feel what it would feel like to have what you desire; have all your senses involved in this imagining
  10. Next make a last suggestion that when you wake up each morning you will remember these positive images and feelings as you begin each day
  11. Now tell yourself you are going to come out of this deeply relaxed and focus state at the count of three. 1 . 2 . 3

Don’t forget to read the article about self-hypnosis mentioned above and for more examples go or Google and search for self-hypnosis.  I predict you will be very impressed with the results you create. 


Peace Letter #75

Dear President Obama,

With the lack of gratitude by President Karzai doesn’t it put into question what we are doing?  Are we loosing lives and billions for this? Isn’t it time to re-evaluated what we are doing in Afghanistan?

We are grateful that each day you show up to your job and do your best.  That is the best we can expect.   Ending war is a good positive direction to take this day. 

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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