Exxon, Tiger Woods, Comcast and Other Points of Interest

There are a couple of things I have to comment on that have been in the news lately.  As a social activist I feel there is a real need for all of us to speak up when things need to be questioned or when change is necessary.

The first shout out is about ExxonMobil having record profits of $45 Billion in 2009 and paid zero taxes to the US government.  Explain to me how in any way this is fair or right.  At the county where I work we get taxed if we get a $25 gift card for good work.  At Exxon they paid NO taxes to the IRS.  Money buys influence and in this case lots of money buys lots of influence.  Is this ok with you?

A US court decided yesterday that the FCC does not have the authority to regulate the Net to keep the Web neutral.  This court battle was with Comcast and again big money wins.  The fall out of this decision is unknown but when a big corporation wins there is a good chance we lose.  The Web has to remain free and open equally to everyone. 

Washington States’ US Senator Patty Murray’s life was threatened for her support of the healthcare bill.  I have to ask who is spreading such anger and hatred that someone thinks it is ok to threaten another person’s life because they support healthcare.  How did this get so out of hand?  My bias is that those who spread hate and anger are people that are driven by their egos and they do not like it when things do not go as they think they should.  That to me is pure sickness of mind in action.

Lastly I need to say something about Tiger Woods, who amongst us does not have flaws.  This is a very gifted athlete who we all now see has his demons.  I want him to do well because I cheer for all people who overcome their own limits.  Also humility is a great teacher and I am sure down the road he will be a better person from his life lessons.  

There seems to be a great restless in myself and many others.  These times seem so rich with the energy of change.   I hope to gain more insight into where this will take us and I will share with you as I go, please do the same.

Check out this interview with Terry Tempest Williams on Sounds True for a dose of passion and inspiration


Peace Letter #76

Dear President Obama,

I saw a picture of you giving a talk at a college graduation and looked like you were enjoying yourself, so did the interaction with Clark Kellogg and the first pitch you threw out for the Nationals.  It is so good to take advantage of these opportunities when your work is so demanding.  Excellent self-care Mr. President.

I want to put in my almost daily request for you to also bring peace to our nation by removing us from war.   That would relieve much on your shoulders.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact