Recharging Life Force

Another early meeting tomorrow so my post is before I go to bed.  Have a great day.  Recently I was involved in a series of interviews and I found myself curious about why people came to interviews and had so little energy or enthusiasm.  Their lack of energy makes for a not impressive interview.  This got thinking about how do we build up energy/life force in us when it gets low?   We all have times when we are tired or burned out and to re-energize is essential so that we can back out there playing the game of life.  

Rebuilding or recharging our life force is important and here are a number of ways we can go about making that happen:

Mind – The mind is a powerful energizer.  There are many known practices of thought and mind that can positively affect the energy and aliveness we feel.   Most forms of meditation and mindfulness will balance our mind and realign our energy so that we feel ready to do life fully charged.  Exploring new ideas, studying a new language, and keeping an active mind can also make us feel energized.  There is also lots of energetic charge in living with purpose and having a clear intention to live some aspect of life as fully as we can. 

Body – The body is the energy container so it needs high-octane fuel, lots of rest, ways to build strength and endurance and good flexibility.  Practices like weight lifting, running, biking, dancing, and other aerobic exercises can be very beneficial.  So too can more inner focused disciplines like yoga, tai chi, chi kung, and martial arts.  Maybe one of the best ways to keep the body feeling vibrant is to remember to play often. 

Heart – The heart is our emotional center and emotions could be translated into energy-in-motion.  If we want to feel charge up, our emotions are up to the task.  Emotional awareness and expression tell us that we are alive and full of possibilities.  The heart, which actually contains a great many neurons, is really a feeling brain.  If you want to activate the heart’s energy try giving, volunteering, doing acts of kindness, taking compassionate action, and trusting the intelligence of the heart.  Love is obviously a great builder of life force. 

Social – We are social being and interacting with others is necessary to feel alive.  Relationships are powerful energizers that comes is the form of partners, family, friendship, supportive church and other meaningful communities.  We do need to get out and relate to others, and enjoy the company and fun that comes with being with those that matter to us.

Spiritual - Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience not human beings having a spiritual experience.  Tapping into our spiritual nature is always energizing.  Meditation, prayer, chanting, exploring spiritual texts and practices will all be uplifting.  The spirit part of us is essentially our life force that comes fully charged with unlimited energy.  Tapping into out higher nature takes us higher. 

There is really no need to be low energy if we keep the above ideas in mind.