The Listening, The Flow

Lately my writing has felt like I have been on a mission.  It feels inside like I am charged up and focused and the inspiration has been an effortless flow.  I am deeply grateful for this flow. 

Next week I begin a ten-day vacation and I am really looking forward to taking time to slow down and smell the lilacs that are blooming all over.  This has been a long, cold winter and spring. Last night there was a thunderstorm and hail so the cold is still lingering.  I am a mild weather person who has adapted to living here but my adaptation is leaking.  I find myself longing for warm breezes along the Santa Barbara coastline.

What inside of you has adapted, that longs for a different life?  Maybe your adapting has to do with: work you don’t feel passionate about; a relationship that is not a good fit; a career that is disappointing; good wages that still don’t make your feel satisfied; a desire to experience more of what is out there; a longing to activate the brain with new ideas; a deeper calling that you have been ignoring; a sense of spirit you now know you need to explore; a feeling of urgency that you need to make more of a difference; and a call to find more ways to live in compassion with yourself and others.  

All of these urges and desires inside are there for one reason.  That reason is to expand your expression of who you are. 

If you take some time over the next few months to pay attention more closely to your inner wisdom; before long you will see your life transform into something greater.  It is time to set aside your own past expectations and those of others and listen; listen as if your life depended on the quality of how well you hear what is going on inside.  It does.  You can settle for what is and change the outside but it will only hold off the inevitable.  What is inevitable is your longing to be more fully who you are.  You would not be reading this blog if you didn’t sense there was something greater in you and in the human potential.

In quiet stillness find: what is true purpose, what is real love, what is total freedom, what is genuine happiness, what healing is needed, what is going with the flow, and what is the life you want to live.  Now go live it and leave your self-restraints behind.  

Happiness and Healing to You


Peace Letter #98

Dear President Obama,

It seems that every reform in finance, healthcare, employment, environment etc. proposed in Congress that would be better for the average person is opposed by the Republican Party?  They seem so void of compassion, so driven by the need to be in power, and so run by the greed of those who finance them?  How come anyone would vote Republican in any election?  The answer is that the Democrats are often under the same influence of those who help pay for their elections.  Greed is winning out and we are losing out.

How about putting war on hold because that benefits only the greedy and instead institute a program of peace and compassionate action where we all volunteer some hours each week to make a difference in our communities?

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: