Graduation and Open Minds

Yesterday my niece graduated from high school actually it was my wife's niece since I came late to this family.  We got together with her family for dinner and celebration and there were the typical surface conversations and politics and religion were avoided.  My wife and I are dreaded liberals from their point of view except they never ask what we think about things as if they are afraid of our ideas.  They are of course right that our political point of view is quite different but how can they be so sure our ideas are wrong?  

Closed minds are such a disaster for building healthy relationships.  It would be nice to connect at a deeper level with my wife's family but they don't even let her share her ideas.  It seems when people are defensive about their points of view they are unsure of themselves.   I feel a sense of loss because having meaningful conversations is difficult with her family who we could be much closer with.  Real depth, which we all want at some level, comes from people who are open minded, with receptive hearts and willing to explore a whole range of ideas.

Back to the reason we got together.  I remember graduating from High School was a big event the many years ago that it happened for me.  It was like the first real step toward adulthood and a very exciting day. Soon I was gone from my family and out to make sense of my own life. 

This is a good time for the graduates to find out who they are and to start to figure out what they want to do with their life.  I wish the best for everyone who graduates this spring.  The adventures of life out there waiting for these young people are great ones that each of them will shape in whatever makes the most sense to them. 

My few words of advice are: follow what makes you feel alive; explore love and your higher nature with a passion and compassion; and make it your goal to be happy in your own way.  You deserve what you want and that is the only way to live that will truly benefit all of us.  You being you is the best for you and the rest of us.