Expanding Capacities Part 11 – Extension Of The Dimension


First notice the new ads over on the right.  This blog now has an affiliate arrangement with Sounds True and I am very excited about that because Sounds True is a fabulous resource with great products and lots of free stuff.  If you purchase one of their many programs through this add I will get paid 10%.  That is a sweet deal because you are going to love what they have to offer.  I am usually not a commercial but this company is the best I can imagine as a partner.

So on my way home I was again listening to one of the free podcasts over at Sounds True and this idea of you and I being an Extension of the Dimension came to inspire me.  This Dimension can be called, God, Divine Mother, Great Spirit, Source Energy, Allah, Perfect Love, Buddha Nature or whatever works for you.   We are an extension of what is holy and divine, that which is the creative force of the universe.

This idea of you and I being an extension of this universal source means we have certain qualities within that we may not yet have realized.   As an extension we have these following unlimited capacities:

         We can manifest whatever we can imagine from the place of our divine nature

         We have the capacity to understand and have compassion for all beings

         We have the capacity to love without any limits

         We have the capacity to be full conscious and aware beings

         We can heal others and ourselves if that is what we desire

         We can enter into oneness with the Divine in us at any time we choose to do so

         We can live a life full of abundance and prosperity

         We can alter the direction of humanity if we awaken to what is possible within us

         We can live in joy, love and peace forever if we so choose

Let’s all quit arguing for our limitations and instead step into expanded reality of the highest and holiest dimension of who we are in truth.  This is my personal work to more fully realize my true spiritual nature.  Would you join me in this and open to how you are the extension of the dimension of your spiritual nature?


Peace Letter #99

Dear President Obama,

The mess in the Gulf needs to be more closely managed Mr. President by you.  Whoever you have assigned the task, they are letting BP run the show and frankly they cannot be trusted.  You represent the needs of the people and the need for the truth and so far neither are being tended to in this mess.  BP does not determine the extent of the damage, the United States of America does.

The CEO of BP said the damage or impact will be minimal. He greatly underestimates the intelligence of the people of this nation.

The war in Afghanistan is proving incredibly expensive and a bigger mess than the Gulf spill.  So please put your priorities into cleaning up both messes. 

Thank you.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact