Extension of the Dimension – 10 Ways To Explore

Since my post on Friday I have been thinking about: How we can more fully realize our oneness with the Divine?  When it comes down to it there is nothing more important than exploring our spiritual nature.  Every person I know who has some degree of consciousness realizes that our inner work is to be the spirit we are because we know little else matters or is as meaningful.

Yes exploring and expressing love is also important and in fact may be the same thing.   As we open our hearts we know our higher nature and as we seek to realize the Divine within us we open our hearts.   Yes to be a realized spiritual being means to be able to love and have compassion for all.

The full realization of our Divine Nature is possible to us in several ways starting immediately.  These ways include:


  1. Slow down and be fully present to the moment
  2. Dropping all self-judgment and condemnation and instead adopting the place of total self-acceptance
  3. Listening to the flow of wisdom, the intuitive knowing within in the silence of the now
  4. Stepping out of the reality of the physical world and expanding into the realm of spirit
  5. Opening the heart to the infinite love of the unity of all being, there is no separation
  6. Drop the barriers of thought and past and notice what exists in the deeper stillness
  7. Lift out of the body and explore life without boundaries
  8. Be at peace, with quiet mind and joyous anticipation and watch what presents itself
  9. Kindly drop all limitation with appreciation for how they have helped the journey and stand their naked of defenseness and old self-talk
  10. Live as if the full realization of spirit is the reality of life until it is.


Thanks for journeying with me.