Say Goodbye To Fear Within And End All Wars

How many weapons do we need to banish fear?  How many bombs do we need on hand to end our fear?  The answer is there will never be enough.  The US has enough bombs now to destroy everyone on the planet 10 times over and we still spend money to develop new weapons systems.   All of these weapons are about the human ego being afraid of loosing control.  Yes there are people out there we need to defend against but they are a minority that can be handled by other means than more bombs. 

The place to begin real change in this country and on the planet is to go inside and take charge of your thoughts that are the creators of all fear.  Most fear is not real, it is a thought; an emotional response to that thought.  We are all well trained human beings.  We know not to cross a busy street or go into unsafe places.   Most other fears are of the unknown genre amplified by our thinking, the lurking darkness, the forces of self-doubt, the religious suggestions, the haunting memories, the worries of living, of losing self in the intimacy of another etc. 

If we were to take a few minutes to become mindful and spacious these fears would shrink.  Mindful means simply noticing and acknowledging what thoughts are present.  Being spacious means to be present to what emotions are arising and surround them with acceptance and compassion.  Shrinking our fears through being present to them means they not longer are running us but more observed and accepted.  When fear is seen for what it is, we no longer have to let it dictate our response to the world.

Global change comes from inner work, from the expansion of consciousness.  With consciousness fear is more a wave in the ocean of life that we simply ride through until we get to our destination.  Right now it could be an oily wave if we find ourselves in the BP mess in the Gulf.  That oil spill is clear example of the lack of higher consciousness and our nation’s response seems run by the fear of angering corporate influences.  When will we all wake up enough to see that both fear and its partner greed are not higher values and should not be running this nation at any level?

Back to fear and what we can do about it.  First stop being run be the fear inside our own head.  Next when fear arises use it as window for awakening.  Fear means we have contracted our mind and body to deal with something we have created as an enemy to our safety or well-being.  Soften that reactivity by bringing light into the equation and see it from a place of higher knowing within.  Impartiality is very helpful here.  Seeing what is without judging self or others.   Witnessing what forces are driving us inside allows us to make other choices.

One last thought, human ego is the creator of fear, all wars, and the endless barrage of useless opinion on the airways.  Shrinking the ego’s influence would transform the planet in ways many of us are beginning to imagine.  Imagine a world where higher consciousness and compassion are the guiding forces.


Peace Letter #100

Dear President Obama,

Can we step back for a moment and impartially view what has been going on lately.  BP is doing a very poor job at stopping the leak and cleaning up its mess.  Maybe the Navy or some other competent government force needs to intervene? 

There are programs being cut from daycare and schools, while we spend billons in Afghanistan and Iraq.  What is wrong with this?  Our nation is run fear and this paradigm is no longer working.  How about bringing a dose of higher consciousness into the mix and instead resolve problems from compassionate action and what is best for the greater good?

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

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