Make Of Yourself A Light

Make of yourself as light.This is one of the last things the Buddha said as he passed according to Jack Kornfield the esteemed meditation teacher in an interview at Sounds True.  See what else he said because I was very inspired and wrote this blog in honor of the light waiting in all of us.

The Buddha was en-light-enment and he saw the light in all of us.   What light in you have you been aware of?  How do you turn your light on?  How do you turn away from your own light?

This seems like an important directive from one of the truly awakened ones to have resided on Earth.  So how do we make ourselves a light? 

By no longer denying your spiritual nature

By allowing your heart to be your guide

By loving yourself

By ceasing all self-judgment and self-condemnation

By shrinking the inner critic

By totally and completely accepting yourself

By opening to your magnificence

By letting the past go

By welcoming all you feel

By recognizing the unlimited nature of who you are

By waking up in every way you can

By seeking to be more conscious

By quieting the mind

By following the guidance of your intuition

By not living in accordance with the ego-mind

By being kind to others

By showing compassion for the suffering

By exploring your Buddha Nature

By living with purpose

By being present to the now

By remembering who you are beyond the personality

By always seeking growth and insight

By opening to more awareness

By discovering that which is indestructible within

By moving toward the light of truth

By not getting caught up in the limiting story in your own mind

By following what brings you bliss

By doing what makes you feel energized and alive

By relaxing into the flow of life

By taking risks and not playing it too safe

By loving endless all who cross your path

By encouraging the best in others

By feeling the fear and doing it anyway

By walking the path of lifetime learning

By turning your light on when you first wake up and letting it shine all day

By caring for others

By no longer worrying because it does no good

By noticing and ending all self-limitations

By remembering your spiritual nature cannot fail

By no longer blaming and complaining

By caring for the well-being of your mind, heart and body

By turning toward difficulties as teachers

By building health relationships

By aligning the energy of the charkas

By breathing with awareness

By no longer thinking negative towards others

By fully expressing your potential

By expanding your capacities

By letting joy be the guiding force for how you live your life

By finding the path to happiness and peace within

By celebrating life as fully as you can each day


The world and all humanity are awaiting your light.