Seeking Guidance From The Universe

Often placed before us are decision points that will shape our lives sometimes dramatically and sometimes more subtly.   These crossroads are a gift for us to unwrap and an opportunity for us to choose to live more boldly or remain within the comfort of the familiar.  This kind of opportunity is most likely waiting in our laps right now or just around the corner.  The universe is a giver of possibilities continually and it also provides us with the guidance to make the best choices for our highest expression.  

These provided possibilities and the available guidance seems a given to me, is that your experience?

There is a crossroads being presented at this time in my life for my wife and I.  We have to let the people we are renting from know by Tuesday whether we will sign another year lease of not.  It seems there are other things to do and that we don’t want to be tied to this place for another year but the place is comfortable and reasonable.  Yet we both feel a strong urge to break from the familiar and to instead expand our lives out into the world more.  Maybe an extended road trip is right for us to talk to people about their fears, about how to make the world a better place, methods for finding inner peace, and exploring ways of waking up more fully to what is possible in each of us.

So the next step is to put it out to the universe to guide us in what to do next.  By the universe I mean that the higher guiding forces out there beyond you and me.

My experience is that when I am open, guidance comes from a variety of sources often unexpected including: intuition, images, feeling senses, the synchronicity of things and events, paying attention to the flow of energy, and even signs that come from songs, message we hear from others and all sorts of other possibilities.  If I stay open there is much information made available.

Trusting that there is a greater sorce of wisdom and guidance beyond our ego mind is very important.  Our thoughts are a limited channel of knowing because the ego is running them.  A higher knowing resides in our spirit, or our higher self, our wise mind, our consciousness, source energy, or whatever words we apply to this higher wisdom.   You and I obviously are the not the creators of the universe so there has to be a greater knowing than us.  The collective wisdom of all living things is greater than the individual knowing.  The question is: how do we remain open to what is wanting to show us the way?

What do you want guidance about?  Are you ready to experiment and be available to what guidance is showing up in your life?  I will share with you the guidance that comes our way.