People Are Much Better Than The News

This weekend is the Bolder Boulder a 10k race that will have over 50,000 runners participating.  If you have never run/walked in a big race like this, you have missed out on humanity in motion.  In the past I use to run in big races sometimes with over 100,000 and it feels like a zoo of humanity.  The interesting thing is how well it all works and how well we all get along. 

If we watch the nightly news we would never believe people could congregate in such large numbers without shouting and exchanges of anger.  The news gives us a really mixed up picture of what is going on out there in the world.  Most of us get along well even in big crowds doing very strenuous activities. 

People in general are nice, friendly, considerate and civil (maybe not as much when they drive).  They get along with each other and often are encouraging and compassionate.  The people we see in the news are the ones that stand out for their unhealthy behavior.  News is often not even news because it is so full of talking heads who are great examples of the ego-mind in charge.  So the people in the news and those who claim to be news people give us a skewed idea of who is out there. 

Most of us are not raving political types although politics is very frustrating to most.  Most of us are not blind to higher values like the people who make the news for their greed or lack of compassion.   Most of us don’t go ranting around the nation finding fault with everything (Palin, Rush, Beck, Fox News etc).  Yes there are real problems out there, however we tend to observe and make our own decisions in the quiet of our homes.

We are civilized people, with hearts that care and minds that think bigger than just self needs.  We want the best for each other and we know in general most people are doing the best they can to make life go as well even in the midst of struggle.  None of us are free of difficulties yet we manage to find pockets of joy and happiness and waves of love and compassion.  We even try to eat better and get more exercise because we know in the long run we will feel better for doing so.    There is much to love about humanity if we take the time to know each other.

Have a fun Memorial weekend; this to me is the beginning of summer and my favorite time of year.  I am going to be out there having fun.  Join me and turn of the news and lets find out what our fellow citizens are thinking, feeling and doing.