$1,000,000,000,000 Now Spent On War

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost our nation one trillion dollars.  Let’s be honest, these wars never needed to happen.   What would our economy be like if this money was used for the good of the nation?  Wars as I have probably stated too many times are about the ego’s need for control.  Men who let their egos run them rather then their higher mind and heart start all wars.  Wars are all political and about seeking power.  We have now spent one trillion dollars in the pursuit of the ego’s needs rather than what is better for humanity.  

These seem like important questions about war and our human condition we need to keep asking until we come to a higher level of consciousness and awareness:

What will it take for us to move beyond the control needs of the ego and end all wars? 

When will we evolve past the use of fear to rationalize the ego’s needs?

When will we stop electing leaders who’s egos get us into war? 

When will we take leadership of the nation from a place of wisdom beyond the needs of our ego?

How come Congress in more willing to spend money on war than on extending the unemployment benefits for those out of work?

When will we wake up enough to be guided by our higher wisdom and consciousness? 

How much money do we have to spend and how many people have to die in war before we see the insanity of all wars and stop them? 

How come we can’t sit down and figure this all out without bringing our ego’s to the table?  

How come we have not evolved past the need to control each other rather than talk with them and help meet their needs? 

Who benefits from war (weapon systems and war making corporations) and how come they have so much power and can we refocus these corporations on alternative energy and the good of our nation?

What inside can we do to find our own peace of mind so we can spread peace in the world?

What will it take for the higher values of compassion, connection to each other, creative solutions, understanding, and peace to guide the actions of our nation and all nations?

How can we remove the politics of seeking power as a driving force for more wars in the future?

How will we rise to the needs of the nation and put an end to the wars as soon as possible?

Is this ending of war the president’ responsibility, ours or both?


Memorial Day is tomorrow.  Let’s honor the dead and awaken the living.