Memorial Day: The Dead Are Not Gone

Memorial Day is to honor those that have passed.  They have left their bodies, but whom they were, still is.  Each of us has a soul/spirit that existed before we came into this life and will continue as our body ends.  Those we have loved who have died are still around on a spirit level.  Most traditions have ways of contacting those on the other side.  The simplest method is to quietly in your own way enter into a conversation with those you miss since their passing.  Be open to how that may happen because it may be direct in the form of words or it may be feeling sensations or images.  The other side is not the far away and really nothing to fear.

This fear of death is a powerful force in many.  Death is only a transition out of the body.  The spirit of who we are is not disrupted by our leaving our body.  We existed before the body and continue afterwards.  Many spiritual traditions share the belief in the ongoing journey of our soul.  The transmigration of the soul is beyond a physical place of heaven or hell because those are more of what we create in our lifetime here in this body.  The soul is like a seed of the Divine that plays out it potential in an infinite number of ways.  We get to keep on doing what we do until the spirit in us no longer wants to be individuated from the Source.  Then we join like the drop of rain as it falls into the ocean of consciousness.

Be at peace today and honor those you miss and your own timeless journey