Welcome To June, Time to Go With The Flow

It’s June and time to play but I had a different kind of play in mind.  These times of economic uncertainty and the stress of a world that seems obsessed about what’s wrong and whose to blame for it, isn’t it time to play, let’s do life, in a more fun and rewarding way?  Here is my idea, let’s play with life and have fun and get out of our own way and make what we want to happen more effortlessly.   Are we open to that?

What gets in our way?  The answer is that “we do” because we have a subconscious mind that is cluttered with old limiting ideas and beliefs.  We don’t hold onto these past ideas intentionally but it happens because one - we don’t know they are there and two - is that they are deeply grooved because these false ideas have been repeated over and over again in our thoughts and self-talk since childhood.  These limits continue until we put the light of insight on them and replace them with healthier suggestions.

There is a form of therapy that I was introduced to a number of years ago called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  At first I had many questions about how this therapy could make a difference.  I am now much less skeptical and instead looking at it as a way to get at the inner barriers we have in the subconscious mind.  There are a number of positive claims about EFT also known as Tapping so I thought why not give it a whirl because it can be fun and simple to do and if it works as they claim it does than why not benefit.  I have been taking it for a spin the last couple of days and I can feel myself being uplifted as if some of the old barriers are beginning to dissolve.

In June my intention is to do EFT every day (best in the morning to start the day or at night to end the day or both) to see if I can maximize positive results in my life by releasing myself from any limiting past ideas, suggestions, beliefs, and decisions going on inside.   There are a number of video’s at You Tube about EFT/Tapping and the one that seems the most fun is by a Brit named David Childerley.  I plan to Tap along with David every day.  Go to his website and explore all he has to offer.          

My hope, and please join with me if it interests you, is to open up to the flow of what is possible in my life and have a good time while I am doing it.  I will focus on several areas in my life that would benefit from a greater flow.  These areas include: money and prosperity, health and well-being, more awareness and higher consciousness, more freedom in my day, and more compassion for self and others.  Do any of these seem relevant for you also?  Now keep in mind this is to be done with having fun in mind.  Happiness is a powerful attractor in life.    

If you want to join me exploring the EFT/Tapping and other ways of opening to the flow this month please do so and let me know what is working for you and I will do the same.